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Arrow Race:
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Arrow Race is a co-operative scheme with invincible worm and unlimited bows and teleports. The game has the rule Start to Finish and to complete the "race" players must use arrows to be able to continue advancing on the map. The arrows can be used damaging your own worm (like in Boom Race) to launch it further or used to create bridges to make possible to the worms jump and reach places where they wouldn't reach without the arrows. The teleports are provided to skip from areas closed by the arrows accidentally. There are no opponents in this scheme, so it is like a mission. If you end the race, mission accomplished!


The only existing maps and the only existing scheme of this game were uploaded by AmpSux. However, his scheme upload in BTP informs that Shadey is the author of Arrow Race. The first arrow-race-related upload made was this map, so Arrow Race was invented probably around 2005.

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