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Armageditor.JPG  Armageditor
Armageditor screenshot
Developer: Mr Flump
Latest version: v1.0.3
Supported games: W:A
Language: TODO: Find language
Licence: Unknown
Website: none?
Download: Armageditor (36 kb)

Armageditor is an average scheme editor, written by Mr Flump. It is compatible with Version 1 W:A schemes.

Armageditor was the first external scheme editor to be released for Worms Armageddon, and as such; it has become outdated in modern times. There are several notable limitations with the program. It is not compatible with the Version 2 scheme files that were introduced on August 8, 2002 with W:A's v3.5 Beta 1 patch. Version 2 schemes have now become the norm in W:A's community, which unfortunately, has left this once excellent program almost useless in our day.

Other limitations include not allowing water rise rate to be set beyond 7, setting mine fuses beyond 3 seconds, or adjusting the strength of the fall damage setting. to use non-standard water rise rates.

There are some quarks with the program's design as well. It doesn't have a taskbar button, so when it loses focus, you must minimise the other window you put in front of it to get to it. The program uses a border style which doesn't allow you to minimize the program. Next to all of the slider bars are input text boxes, but all of these are locked, thereby preventing input with the keyboard. What's worse is that these text boxes do not update with the value of the slider bars when they are adjusted.

For a more modern scheme editor, it is recommended you use EthoCryptic's SchemeEddy.


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