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4aM is a WA clan created in early 2007 shortly after TSR's return to WA that year, created by two of the three original members of 3aM, Kiros and TSR.

The clan had originally been intended to be a rebirth of the original 3aM, consisting of Kiros, TSR and uLeaD - however, with uLeaD already having commitments to SiX, Kiros and TSR set out to add other members. With the clan having the ethos from the outset that competition was never an issue, friends were sought as opposed to quality wormers - which is not to say that the members were not good wormers also however - as their primary reason for inclusion. Consequently, Flamie (who had spent a large amount of time coding FB with Kiros) and Fredalot (who had spent a large time in the clan Ce with both Kiros and TSR), along with Kiros and TSR formed 4aM.

At this point it may be noteworthy to mention that whilst the original 3aM was actually an acronym for 3 alcoholic Motherfuckers (or Monkeys, depending on which member you asked), 4aM was never intended as such. In fact, the closest it ever came to having a set meaning was due to Kiros naming it 4aMigos on FBCL. However, much like 3aM, when asked, members would frequently make up different acronyms so that people remained largely unaware of which one was accurate, much like (until the proliferation of the People page) the questions levelled at TSR in #worms.

It soon became apparent that due to Flamie's work and travel commitments that he would be unable to invest as much time into 4aM as he would like, and a few months after the clan's inception, Flamie stepped aside for Janu/Rain/Freeman to join. Immediately adding to the clan as an elite partner for Kiros, a rope race partner for Fredalot and an all purpose cheerleader/cheerleadee for TSR, Janu inspired a brief period of competition for the FB scheme playing members of 4aM - as TSR could (and can) only play forts with any real ability (which were not a valid scheme in FBCL).

However, with the closure of FB and Kiros's leaving of Worms in general, the clan quietly disappeared. Fredalot has stopped playing except for rare occasions, Janu can still be found in AG from time to time, and TSR, while ever present in #worms, no longer wears the 4aM tag and plays rather infrequently also.

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