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(Up to 4)
  • Players start out with 0 reputation
  • Bad actions decrease reputation
    • Quitting?
  • If a player's reputation is below a certain threshold, certain things are enabled/disabled by default, but still overrideable (this must be made clear to everyone involved):
    • Custom speechbanks and fanfares are muted
    • The player's chat is ignored
  • Players can manually increase or decrease others' reputations
    • You can only change someone's reputation while or after playing with them, to prevent asking groups (friends/clanmates) to lower one person's rep
    • The more reputation you have, the more you can affect others' reputation
    • You can only change a player's reputation a certain amount within a time period
    • You can't change a single player's reputation many times in a row, even over long periods
  • Give a few trusted players a lot of reputation, to seed a web-of-trust-like system?
  • Just playing gives you a little reputation over time?
  • Negative reputation decays towards 0 over time
  • Positive reputation decays towards 0 when the account is inactive
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