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Things that have already been decided regarding W:A 4.0.

Disclaimer: final product may differ due to legal or other reasons.

  • It will not require the CD to play.
  • It will require the CD only once when installing.
  • It will not install in the same folder as the previous versions.
  • It will not use most of the same file formats.
  • It will convert both game and user files to the new formats during installation.
  • It will not support .BIT files on non-Windows OSes (because it's a proprietary, patented format that requires a Windows DLL). However, an online tool will be available to convert BIT maps to 1-bit PNGs.
  • It will use Unicode and be fully localizable.
  • It will not support Windows 98 or Windows Millennium.
  • It will use 32-bit colour (24-bit colour space).
  • It will be able to run in a window.
  • It will have a non-modal interface, meaning one can play a game, spectate another and chat on WormNET at the same time.
  • It will have a redesigned network protocol.
  • It will not be network-compatible with previous versions.
  • It will have a new, redesigned WormNET system.
  • It will not be able to connect to the old WormNETs.
  • It will have WMDB integration (or a similar system).
  • It will be able to play replays from older W:A versions.
  • It will run on Linux and OS X natively.
  • It will have an (optional) automatic update mechanism.
  • It will have a scripting language. Maybe 4.x, probably not in 4.0.
  • It will not be ready this decade.

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