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Create Game

Multiplayer non-network game

This is the menu for creating traditional Worms Armageddon multiplayer games on your PC. Multiplayer games can be between 2-6 teams, any of which may be computer controlled at a variety of levels. For networked games, or play via the Internet, see the later sections.

How to create a new team

Whilst there are some default teams provided, to get the best out of Worms Armageddon, we recommend that you create some teams of your own, tailored with names for your captain and other platoon members.

You can also edit a number of other aspects, not least the ability to select a special weapon you can use during the battle. Click on NEW TEAM and follow the instructions below.

Name your team and worms

You need a nickname or call sign for your team and your troops, if you are short of ideas, simply click the question mark to generate a random name. Double click for random generation of full team.

Select the control

This can be HUMAN or COMPUTER. If you create a computer controlled team, you can also change the skill level of the team from EASY through to DIFFICULT. A number of computer controlled teams already exist, but you can create more to practice with.

Select the special weapon

You are able to select a special weapon from the list shown, which you take into battle with you. Ideally you should select the weapon that best suits your tactics, or the one which you feel you can do most damage with. For information on the weapons available, see the appropriate descriptions in the Weapon Usage section.

Select the sound-bank

A default bank will be chosen (in the language the game is installed under) but this can be easily changed for preference.

Team individuality can be defined by the sounds they make, with Worms Armageddon, we have created a large range of odd, strange, familiar and bizarre sound-sets to use. If none of them are suitable, then you can create your own sound-bank with the supplied utility.+

Select the gravestone

Select the type of gravestone you would like your team to leave behind as a mark of respect.

Select the fanfare

Purely a presentational affair, a random fanfare is selected for you, this can be selected by yourself and also previewed. The fanfare is used in presentation screens and match result screens.

When you've done

When you have selected the items you require, click OK to add your team. Once added, you can select it for Training, Mission games and standard Multiplayer or Network games.


All teams available for selection are listed in the Barracks. They are displayed along with simplified statistics (Rounds Played, Rounds Won, Overall Rank).

To add a team to the game, just click it. To view more detailed team statistics, click the team with the left button. Click right button to edit it.

Note : Default teams cannot be edited.

Game Roster

As you add teams into the game, they will appear in the game roster. Up to six teams can be added. To remove a team and place it back in the Barracks, just click it once more.

When the teams are in the Barracks, they are listed in order of rank, the ones with the best rank at the top. There are three icons at the side of the teams, which are used to indicate the following options;


The first icon makes it possible to handicap a team according to its skill level. Click with the mouse button to change the state. This indicates if a team will have 50% energy added ( + ) or removed ( - ) to its starting energy level. If neither symbol is shown (default) then the Worms start with the level as set in the General Options.

Allied teams

By default, there will be no icon in this panel, but it's possible to select 1 of 6 possible alliance colours by using the Left Mouse Button to cycle through them (and back to none again). All teams who share the same badge will play as the same side.

Allied games play exactly like normal games, but with a few notable exceptions; Allied players pool the weapons. (i.e. Players use weapons in the combined weapon sets of allied teams. e.g. Two players with the standard weapon set would have two Dynamites available.) Allied players get accredited with a victory if their alliance wins, even if their team is defeated. During the game, alliances take turns to have their move. Teams within alliances will take turns to move within that alliance.

Number of worms in the team

You can click with the Left Mouse Button to cycle through this number (one through to the maximum) to alter the amount of Worms that the team will start with. The game will never allow more than eight Worms per team, or eighteen Worms in total. (It is now possible to play with up to 48 Worms if all players are using v3.6.28.0 or later.) The default setting is three. This setting is also useful if you wish to have a game where, for example, five teams of one Worm wish to play as an alliance against a single team with five Worms.

Game styles

(Note: The "Game styles" are also known as "Schemes" in the game.)

The game is supplied with a number of game styles. These styles contain set-ups of the options and weapons, which govern how the game plays. The name of the style indicates the style of game you can expect.

It’s also possible for you to create your own game styles by clicking the SAVE AS icon and typing a description for the style. You can also delete styles if you wish by pressing the delete icon. Note that default sets cannot be deleted. Styles can be accessed by the drop down menu and selected from there.

You can override the settings in the game style by modifying the options in the Weapon, Game and General Options screens, these will not be saved unless you choose to do so.

Note : The default game styles are also played on WORMNET (see the Internet section) so its useful to practice playing with these styles if you intend to be a top ranking Worms Armageddon player on the Internet.

General options

These are options that are very basic and govern simple rules of the game. These are always accessible from the Create Game screen and generally speaking, once you have chosen your game style (either one of the default ones, or one you have created) you should only need to modify these settings to suit.

Starting energy

Click the icon to toggle between; 100, 150 or 200.

This is the starting energy of all Worms in the game, before any handicapping is selected. The total energy of the team can be calculated by multiplying this value and the number of team members in it. The default energy level is 100 and is what we recommend.

Worm select mode

During play, its possible to play and select which Worm you would like to move next, however, we feel that Worms Armageddon is a more skillful game when the Worms in a team take turns to cycle round to their turn. Click to select between;

No Worm Select
You cannot choose which Worm to move.
Worm Select
You can use TAB to select which Worm to move.

Victories required

Select the number of victories (rounds won) for the team (or alliance) to win the match. Click to select between 1 and 9.

The default is two rounds to win the match.

Round time

This is the period (in minutes) before the round ends and the Sudden Death period begins. Click to select the time required. The default setting is 10 minutes.

Turn time

This is the period (in seconds) you have to make your move on your turn. The lower it is, the more difficult it becomes to make your turn.

Weapon options

The weapon options allow you to configure the way in which weapons are distributed to players in the game, configure the strength (damage potential) of the weapon and suggest if and when the weapon should arrive as a reinforcement.

Please note that not all weapons are available to edit, just the standard weapons and a number of others. To see all the weapons in the game, you will have to play the game as most drop in special crates.

If you opt to play with team based special weapons, you can also edit and alter the special weapons, which are in a separate list from the standard weapons.

Any changes you make to the weapons can be saved in your own game style, along with the currently configured options. There are four main icons, which govern the information on-screen.


By default, you will see the AMMO selection, which shows you how many of the weapons you will be given at the start of each round. Click the icon to change it between NONE, 1 - 9 or UNLIMITED.


Click with the Left Mouse Button to increase the damage potential, click with the Right Mouse Button to decrease it.

This way, you can balance the game according to your liking. As you increase or decrease the damage rating, it modifies how the weapon works.


(Note: Also known as "Delay" in game.)

This shows any selected weapons due to appear as Reinforcements during the round. Use the slider to change from OFF through 1 - 9, to indicate when the reinforcement will arrive (round number, 1 - 9).

Note : If a weapon is turned OFF in the ammo section and you move the slider to turn the weapon on as Reinforcement, it will add one to the weapon ammo supply.

Weapon crate supply

You can use this screen to bias how often these weapons will appear in weapon crates. Click the weapons to cycle through OFF and 1-5 bars. This affects the probability of the weapon arriving in a weapon crate.

Other weapon options

Secret Weapons
Select to play with or without the host of secret, super-powerful weapons, which arrive in crates only.
User-Selected Special Weapons

If selected (default) then each team may use a special weapon of their choice from the eight listed, which they choose when creating their team (see Create Game section).

If unselected, this allows you to select an additional range of weapons in the initial armoury, rather than a single special within each teams weapon set.

Game options

From here you can select the options which govern how the game plays. The options are as follows :

Time options

Time based options, in addition to Round Time and Turn Time, which are on the main Create Game screen.

Turn delay

The amount of time a player has to take control in a hot-seat game, before the turn begins.

Retreat time

The amount of time that a player has to retreat after making a move (i.e. using a weapon).

Rope retreat

The time that a player has to retreat, after dropping a weapon from a rope.

Display round time

A simple option to select if you would like the remaining round time displayed or not.

Sudden death time

Set how fast the water rises during Sudden Death. Can be set to OFF, 5, 20 and 45.

Interactive objects

Sets the type and amount of interactive objects that start on the landscape. Cycle between NONE, FEW, NORMAL and MANY. (In fact, NONE, OIL DRUMS, MINES, or BOTH.) If mines are selected, there are some additional options :

Fuse length

Set the period before a mine explodes after being triggered. This affects how the mines can be used during gameplay.

Dud mines

If selected, this means that some mines will be dud. (Dud mines can still be exploded, if you discover how!)

Artillery mode

The Worms cannot walk, weaponry must be thrown or fired.


You keep any collected weapons and utilities, which were unused and are taken into the next round.


You only get one round of weapons supplies (in round one) and you use this in the entire match!

Miscellaneous options

Auto replay

Turn automatic action replays ON or OFF.

Fall damage

Select if a Worm will be subject to injuries or not when it falls too far.

Energy reduction

Selects what happens to Worms' energy when the Sudden Death period begins. This can be OFF (no energy reduction), REDUCED to 1 point or DRAIN (energy slowly drains from all Worms).


An outline, or thumbnail, of the current landscape is shown on the create game screen. To quickly generate another, simply click the thumbnail with the Left Mouse Button. To edit, create a new landscape or load a custom level, you can go to the landscape editor by clicking the landscape with the right mouse button.

Landscape menu

Worms Armageddon features a very powerful editor for creating, editing and storing landscapes.

Menu overview

The main features of the menu are :

Edit/Preview Area

This initially calculates and displays a preview of the currently selected landscape. Click with the Left Mouse Button to go into edit mode, click with the Right Mouse Button to go to preview mode.

Note : When in edit mode, the landscape will be mono.

Island Generation
The top row of thumbnails create new types of islands. Click the Left Mouse Button to generate a new Island level. Click with the Right Mouse Button to select and transfer this level to the main screen.
Cavern Generation
The bottom thumbnails generate different styles of cavern. Click the Left Mouse Button to generate a new cave level. Click with the Right Mouse Button to select and transfer this level to the main screen.
Icon Panel
Check the help text on screen for details of how to use the available tools and icons.
Click this icon to view and load an available custom level. For more details on custom levels, see the section about custom levels.
Clicking this icon will save the landscape file, the edited landscape or custom level and add it to the list of landscapes in the drop-down menu. All related information such as water level, scenario type, etc will also be saved.
Delete the currently selected landscape (with confirmation). This option is not selectable unless the landscape has previously been saved.
Custom Levels
Worms Armageddon also possesses a very powerful import tool, which can convert almost any image so that it can be used as a game background level! There are two types of image that can be imported;
Mono Bitmaps
These are mono images, which act as stencils. They replace the landscape thumbnail and you can use them to create landscapes using the different scenarios supplied. You can use the Microsoft Paint™ package which is supplied with Windows to create such images.
Full Colour Bitmaps
This powerful and exciting option allows you to use almost any image as a battlefield! Simply select your image and the game will process it and then preview it.
Image Format

Worms Armageddon will do its best to import most of the common image formats, including Windows BMP, JPG, GIF, TGA. The system has to do considerable processing of the image since there is a limit to the amount of colours available, this should only take a few seconds.

One thing to consider is that Worms Armageddon uses a large area for the game and your image may not fill the area completely, or perhaps be too large. If it is too large, you will be notified and the image will be automatically shrunk. If the image is smaller than the normal size (1920x692) then the image can be centralised or stretched to fit. You can use your favourite paint packages to prepare custom landscapes and share them with friends. Watch out for Worms Armageddon web sites, which will contain new levels to play.

Notes regarding full colour custom levels
If you select a full colour custom level, note that it is not possible to edit it, or select scenario type - these options will be removed.
Background Soil

When using a full colour custom level, you can select which background soil to use from the menu.

Note : Full colour custom levels are not supported in WORMNET play due to their size (it would take too long to send the graphics to all players).(This limitation has been overcome since v3.6.19.7.)

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