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Mission files

W:A missions are comprised from a .wam file, which contains the mission settings in a INI-like format, and a .img file, which contains an image representing the mission's landscape.

The .wam file contains a parameter called Name, in the Description section. This parameter specifies the mission's internal index, and it affects the image's diplayed name and description, and also dictates which image file will this mission use.

Please note that from the beta onwards, only 5 of the .img files from the CD:\DATA\Mission\ folder are actually used. The other images are loaded from the CD:\DATA\Image\ folder, according to the following table:

Mission # Mission file Mission name Internal index
(Name= parameter)
Used image file
1 Mission0.wam Pumpkin Problems. 22 CD:\DATA\Image\Pumpkins.img
2 mission1.wam Operation Market Garden. 3 CD:\DATA\Image\Flowers.img
3 Mission2.wam All quiet in the library? 2 CD:\DATA\Image\Books.img
4 mission3.wam Cool as ice. 30 CD:\DATA\Image\Polar.img
5 Mission4.wam Do the Locomotion. 31 CD:\DATA\Image\Train.img
6 Mission5.wam Sand in your eye. 7 CD:\DATA\Image\Desert.img
7 mission6.wam Not Mushroom out there... 29 CD:\DATA\Image\Mushroom.img
8 Mission7.wam Big Shot. 10 CD:\DATA\Image\Kermit.img
9 mission8.wam Water Surprise. 19 CD:\DATA\Image\Paris.img
10 Mission9.wam Jurassic Worm. 8 CD:\DATA\Image\Dino.img
11 mission10.wam Chemical Warfare. 4 CD:\DATA\Image\Chemist.img
12 Mission11.wam No Substitute. 24 CD:\DATA\Image\Sub.img
13 Mission12.wam Who left the flood-gates open? 33 CD:\DATA\Mission\Mission33.img
14 mission13.wam Super Sheep to the rescue! 26 CD:\DATA\Mission\Mission26.img
15 Mission14.wam Hot Stuff. 20 CD:\DATA\Image\Plumbing.img
16 Mission15.wam Trouble on Mount Wormore. 16 CD:\DATA\Image\Wormore.img
17 Mission16.wam Chateau Assassin. 1 CD:\DATA\Image\Chateau.img
18 Mission17.wam Rescue Agent Dennis! 27 CD:\DATA\Mission\Mission27.img
19 mission18.wam Horny Nuke. 13 CD:\DATA\Image\Horny.img
20 Mission19.wam Rumble in the Farmyard. 11 CD:\DATA\Image\Farmyard.img
21 Mission20.wam Wooden Ambush! 23 CD:\DATA\Image\Woods.img
22 Mission21.wam Go Bananas! 12 CD:\DATA\Image\Fruity2.img
23 Mission22.wam The Drop Zone. 6 CD:\DATA\Mission\Mission6.img
24 Mission23.wam Countdown to Armageddon! 5 CD:\DATA\Image\City.img
25 Mission24.wam Mars Star. 15 CD:\DATA\Image\Mars.img
26 Mission25.wam Mad Cows. 14 CD:\DATA\Image\MadCows.img
27 Mission26.wam Bazooka on the Rocks. 18 CD:\DATA\Image\Rocky.img
28 Mission27.wam Stolen Goods. 17 CD:\DATA\Image\MPSLogo.img
29 Mission28.wam Sinking Ice Cap. 21 CD:\DATA\Image\Snow.img
30 Mission29.wam Aim long, aim true. 9 CD:\DATA\Image\Droids.img
31 Mission30.wam Goody two-shoes. 25 CD:\DATA\Image\Shoes.img
32 Mission31.wam Trouble in Toy Store. 28 CD:\DATA\Image\Toys.img
33 Mission32.wam Spectral recovery? 32 CD:\DATA\Mission\Mission32.img

Before the beta, all mission images are loaded from the .img files in the CD:\DATA\Mission\ folder. This change was made because the Green Pepper version has many of the files in that directory incorrect.

Mission settings

See Worms Armageddon mission file.

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