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This page provides a quick overview on how to get a game going on WormNET.

Joining WormNET

To join WormNET, make sure you are connected to the Internet and load up the game. From the main menu, select the "Play Over Network" button. From the network menu, enter a player nickname and click the WormNET button. Double-click the large yellow text to either automatically log in (if you have the latest update) or log in manually by entering a nickname and clicking OK. You will not need to use a password.

You will then join the WormNET lobby, in which there is a list of channels, and a list of the players who are in these channels (if you do not get this far, and instead get an error, it may be because the server is down or you have a firewall or router.) Most people use the #AnythingGoes channel, and ignore the others. Double-click #AnythingGoes to join the channel.

Joining a game

In the top-left of the screen is a box listing all the games that are about to start. To join a game, double-click it. The next screen is the host-join lobby, where you can chat with the other players and view the currently selected scheme settings and the map. You will need to enter a team (unless you wish to observe) and click the lightbulb button once everything is set, to indicate that you are ready to start the game.

Don't forget that many players will immediately boot you from their game if you don't have a recent Beta version. The most likely reason is that they want to use a certain feature that is only available if all players are using a recent Beta version, for example Colour maps or more mines/worms.

Finding a game that's appropriate for you

Most players on WormNET play highly specific schemes that often have a strict set of rules, and often require impressive skill with the Ninja Rope. These schemes are unsuitable for new players, so when you join a game you should always ask what type of scheme the host has selected (unless it's obvious from the game title). If in doubt, ask to watch the game so you can find out more about it. Descriptions of the most commonly played schemes can be found on the Schemes page. If you are on WormNET for the first time, you'll probably want to play the default scheme with no rules, which is referred to as "Intermediate" or "Normal". Just join games named like this, or host one yourself.

Hosting a game

To host a game, click the Host button in the top right corner. You will be asked for a Name and Password. The text you type in the Name field will actually appear as the name of the game. Do not type a password unless you want to lock people who don't know it out of the game. In the host/join screen you will be able to set the map, scheme, and team parameters.

If no one joins your game, even though they say they are trying to, it may be that your computer is not connectable from the Internet. See the Hosting Guide for more information.

To send private messages to joined players, right-click their name. You can limit how many players can join your game by clicking and dragging the bottom border of the player list. You can remove (boot) players by clicking on their name in the top left corner.

When you are happy with the selected scheme, map, and team arrangements, make sure everybody lights their light bulb and then click "Start Game" in the bottom right corner.

Chat commands

Entering "/help" into in any channel will return a list of available chat commands.

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