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This page details how to install Worms Armageddon on macOS via wine. Please note that the latest updates of the game require no special patches to wine in order to run satisfactorily. This page should provide a good guide to get you started.

Important: This guide is no longer compatible with macOS Catalina (released in 2019) or later, as it completely removes support for 32-bit apps. You may have to either downgrade your macOS, or resort to proprietary software such as CrossOver or Hypervisors such as VirtualBox or Parallels Desktop. (see alternative methods at the bottom of the page.)

Getting started

Installing Wine

MacPorts Method

You will need:

  • Xcode - these are the development tools for macOS. Xcode is available for free from the Mac App Store.
  • MacPorts - this will download and compile all the packages for us.
  • XQuartz - an open source X Window System for macOS. Your Mac might have Apple's native installed, which can be used but is not recommended.

To install Wine:

We will start by updating MacPorts. Type the following command into a terminal window:

sudo port -v selfupdate

This will update the list of ports that are available. Do a search for wine to see which packages are available:

sudo port search wine

Out of the available packages, you should see two versions of Wine:

wine (x11) - This is the latest official release
wine-devel (x11) - The development version

Start the installation of the Wine version of your choice by running the following command:

sudo port install wine

MacPorts will then start downloading, unpacking and compiling all of the dependencies that Wine requires. Be warned, though, as this process may take a long time before completing.

Installing WA

Install the game

Using a CD

Your CD will be automatically mounted into /Volumes/WA/. You can start the installation with the following command:

wine /Volumes/WA/Install/Install.exe
Using a disk image

You can create a disk image with the Disk Utility application. Open Disk Utility, and select the WA partition attached to your Superdrive. From the menu, create a new disk image. You can double click this image to mount it, or use Disk Utility to do so as well. If you eject your CD and mount the image it will use the same mountpoint (/Volumes/WA/).

Using the Steam edition

Download and install the Steam edition as follows:

curl -O
wine SteamSetup.exe

If after the installation of Steam the UI buttons are empty, open winecfg and in the "Libraries" tab add an override for "dwrite". Then click edit and set it to Disable. If your wine process continues to run in your terminal window, press Ctrl+C to force cancel it and run Steam:

wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Steam/Steam.exe

Install WA via Steam as you would normally.

Using the GOG edition

In your web browser, log in with a GOG account that has purchased the game, then download the full latest installer via this link. After it is downloaded, use the following command to install it (example for version 3.8.1, change to yours if different):

wine ~/Downloads/setup_worms_armageddon_gog-3.8.1_\(43454\).exe

Install the latest update

(Skip this step if using Steam or GOG.)

Download the latest update. Use the following command to install it:

wine ~/Downloads/WA_update-3.8.1_\[CD\]_Installer.exe

Starting WA

CD Edition

Make sure your disc is mounted, and run:

wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Team17/Worms\ Armageddon/wa.exe

Steam Edition

wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Steam/Steam.exe

GOG Edition

wine ~/.wine/drive_c/GOG\ Games/Worms\ Armageddon/wa.exe

Hopefully everything works. If you encounter problems, play around with the Tweaks in your WA installation folder. Also take a look at the compatibility overview below.

What's next?

Automating startup and replay playback

If you want to playback replays or do other fancy stuff, you will need to make a launch script. You can also choose to automate certain steps of the launch process, such as automatically mounting and unmounting your CD image, starting WA when you open it, and playing back replays if you choose to "open with" or "drop onto".

Fullscreen mode

If you prefer to run in fullscreen mode, try disabling windowed mode in Advanced options of the game. Note that fullscreen support will vary based on your drivers and the wine version used.

Alternative methods


CrossOver is a software package that will allow you to install and run W:A even on the latest versions of macOS (such as Catalina and later) through a special 32-bit compatibility layer.

Please note that a CrossOver license will cost you at least $29.95 as of 2021.

Virtual Machine


Performance is good, be sure to enable 3D acceleration.

Please note that a Parallels license will cost you at least $79.99 as of 2021. (not including the cost of the Windows OS)


VirtualBox is a free virtualization solution that will allow you to run any version of Windows with Worms Armageddon installed in it. See this page for more details.


Below is an archive of people's reports for versions of W:A before 3.8. This list is no longer actively updated and should not be used as reference when installing and configuring your game.

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