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Fired like a standard gun, this weapon blasts 'ice' for several seconds in the direction aimed. When this ice beam comes into contact with a worm, that worm is frozen in a cube of ice. When fired at land, a thin sheet of ice forms on the land and makes it slippery.

Could also be used to freeze barrels, making them harmlessly shatter when shot.

Freezing another worm should not be a problem when programming. This concept is already in the game as the Freeze weapon, which is used on your own team. Making the land slippery in certain areas though, despite this feature being aviable in early Worms games, could present a problem. In earlier Worms game the entire level was made slippery to worms that walked on it. But this weapon sees it localised, where only certain sections (i.e. those fired at with the Freeze Ray) are slippery. This might not be easy.

Obviously, for this to even count as a weapon it must damage the enemy in some way, either directly through health loss, or strategically. But so far it seems to do no more than protect the enemy, until he unfreezes when it's his turn.

So the solution must be to keep the worms frozen for a turn, that the enemy can be damaged while it's frozen and that a frozen worm moves the same way that an unfrozen worm when it is hit by a weapon. The Freeze weapon wouldn't be needed as in Worms Unlimited there is the Temporary Invincibility utility (See Power-up crates). The frozen worms can't take a turn. The unfrozen worms can be moved. If there are not unfrozen worms, the player loses his turn. The worm unfreezes when his second turn from the turn when he got frozen starts. In the turn when it unfreezes it can take a turn.

The Freeze Ray is everyone's favourite fictional and comical weapon. The mechanics of the weapon might present problems, as described above, but the concept would make it a good addition to Worms.

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