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This page attempts to answer some Frequently Asked Questions regarding Worms Armageddon.


Something doesn't work!

Please consult the Troubleshooting FAQ.

What are the basics?

You should really read the manual. If you're in a hurry, you can just read about the controls. You can read detailed information about each weapon on the Weapons page.

What other websites are there about Worms?

You can find a list on the Community page.

Playing online

How do I play online?

See Using WormNET.

What are the signs next to people's nicknames / How do I get a higher rank?

Initially WormNET had working ranks (an indicator of your skill, which could be improved by winning games), however due to some hacking they were disabled. Currently anyone can change their rank using certain programs, but this practice is frowned upon. Secure logins and ranks may be re-added at some point in the future.

How do I activate BattyRope / TestStuff / 150% speed / RacingStuff / BoomRacing ?

When hosting, type /batty, /ts, /150, /rs or /boom respectively. If you're hosting with HostingBuddy, you need to use the !version command.

How do I play [insert scheme here]?

Consult the corresponding scheme page.

What are "rules"?

Some schemes have rules which are expected to be followed by all players. Some players won't allow you to play with them unless you can prove that you know the rules. See the Rules page for details, or consult the corresponding scheme page for rules specific to certain schemes.


Where do I get more maps?

You can download colour maps from the Worms Map Database. Don't forget that you can also extract maps from replays of played games using the Extract map command (right-click on the replay file).

How do I play on downloaded or extracted maps?

See here: Using colour maps

How do I make my own map?

See here: Colour map authoring instructions

How do I make my own flag/grave/fanfare/soundbank?

See the appropriate page in File formats.

About W:A

What is the difference between W:A and WWP?

See this page for an explanation.

Where can I buy Worms Armageddon?

Worms Armageddon is available on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/217200/

You can buy a game CD bundle including Worms Armageddon from Amazon or Mastertronic (former Sold Out Software).

Is there a downloadable version I can buy?

Aside from the Steam release mentioned in the previous question, Team17 doesn't currently offer a downloadable version of the game.

Some 3rd-party publishers (e.g. TryMedia) offer downloadable versions of W:A, however these usually contain an old version of W:A lacking many features in updates, cannot be updated, and usually cost more than the CD version.

When will the next update be released?

Please remember that updates are written by a team of two programmers as an unpaid hobby. There are no release schedules - it'll be done when it's done.

How can I suggest a feature for future updates?

Use the W:A Feedback Forum.

More help

If this FAQ doesn't cover your question, you could check out other pages on Guides, FAQs, and ReadMes, or ask for help on the Team17 forums.

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