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This article is a work-in-progress. While this message is at the top of this article, please do not make any edits as Squirminator2k is in the process of building the article.

Worms: The Directors Cut was only released for the Amiga home computing system and can only be played one of two ways: on an Amiga which means the minimum system requirements, or via emulation. Emulation is the quickest and, arguably, cheapest method of getting the game to run on your PC, Mac or Linux-based hardware.

This guide aims to make it as easy as possible to emulate WormsDC on your computer. For the purposes of this guide we will be referring to WinUAE, a Windows-based Amiga emulator. Other emulators are available for other platforms, however WinUAE is still in constant development and receives updates every couple of months or so.

This guide also assumes you meet the minimum system specifications for emulating an Amiga, in this case an Amiga 1200. At the very least you'll need a graphics card that supports DirectX 9 and at least 512MB of RAM. Obviously the higher-spec your computer is the better your emulation experience will be.

TO DO: Write additional guide for getting WinUAE running on Linux and OS X based systems.

Software + Kickstart ROMs

The first thing you will need is WinUAE. I would recommend a version no lower than 2.3.1, which at time of writing is the latest build and the most compatible with WormsDC. This can be downloaded for free from WinUAE.net.

You'll also need Kickstart ROMs, the core of the Amiga operating system. You'll need at least Kicksart 3.1 to be able to successfully run the game. Unfortunately the ROM is still copyrighted to Amiga Technologies and there are only two legal ways of obtaining the ROM - dump the ROM from an Amiga, or purchase Amiga Forever, a fully-licensed emulation package from Cloanto that includes everything you need to successfully emulate an Amiga.

If you plan to purchase Amiga Forever, you'll need to purchase either the Plus Edition (US$29.95)or the Premium Edition (US$49.95). The Value Edition only includes the 1.3 Kickstart ROM, which is incompatible with either Worms or WormsDC. Amiga Forever can be purchased from AmigaForever.com.

It also goes without saying that you'll need a copy of Worms: The Directors Cut. Fortunately this is available for free from Dream17 with kind permission from Team17 Software, and can be downloaded here. Don't download the IPF version - for compatibility's sake you should be using the ADF version (the first download on the link provided), which comes pre-patched.

WinUAE Configuration

Once you've got WinUAE installed and you've acquired your Kickstart ROM, you'll need to configure WinUAE. That's relatively easy, and you have two options.

Quickstart mode

Quickstart mode is ideal if you just want to jump straight into the game, although this mode doesn't allow you to set up a virtual hard drive, so if you're planning on using a lot of custom custom maps and DIY terrain styles you'll want to go for the full config option instead.

This is decidedly simple. Firstly, set up your Display, Sound, Miscellaneous and "Pri. & Extensions" to suit your personal requirements, and then save a default configuration. Once you've done all that you won't need to touch those settings again.

It is important that you have sound either Enabled or "Disabled, but emulated". For some reason WormsDC will not run if the sound is disabled.

Additionally to get the full visuals of the game it is recommended you use a display mode with 32-bit colour enabled, and do not enable NTSC mode on the Quickstart display as this will cut off part of the screen.

WinUAE has limited scaling options for fullscreen mode, so it is best that you use 800x600. Should you wish to play Worms or WormsDC in a window instead of fullscreen, the best size for the window is 640x540. Either way, always ensure you have horizontal and vertical centering enabled, and the line mode should be doubled.

In order to enable Quickstart mode, you must go to the Quickstart tab on the WinUAE GUI and set it up as demonstrated in the image to the right. Note that you will not be able to set it up this way until you have the Kickstart ROMs.

All you need to do at that point is select disks 1 and 2 to drives DF0: and DF1: respectively and click "Start". While WormsDC loads you will be prompted to insert disc 3, at which point you'll need to press F12 on the hard drive and swap disk 2 out for disk 3. Once the remaining data is loaded from disk 3, you're off.

Full configuration

If you're planning on using custom maps, terrains, mountains, and speechbanks, your best bet is to go with a full configuration. This will require you to actually set up a virtual hard drive within the emulator, install Workbench 3.1 or 3.X (the Amiga operating system, also sometimes called AmigaOS), and install WormsDC itself.

The easy way - using Amiga Forever

If you've elected to purchase Amiga Forever Plus Edition or Premium Edition, most of the work has already been done for you, and all you'll need to do is adjust some of the emulation settings in the Default configuration and install WormsDC. Here's a rundown of the settings you'll need to change:

  • Chipset
    • May need to be switched to "AGA".
    • "Chipset Extra" should be set to "Generic".
  • RAM
    • Chip should be at least 2MB.
    • Fast should be at least 4MB, but set to 8MB just to be on the safe side.
  • Display
    • If using a fullscreen mode, ensure you have the colour depth set to 32-bit (it's the drop-down menu next to the fullscreen resolution drop-down).

Be sure to save the configuration once you've completed making these adjustments. Start the emulation and wait for Workbench to load. You'll then need to insert WormsDC disk 1 into DF0:, which you can do by pressing F12 at any time to bring up the GUI. Once you've done this click "Resume", then within the Amiga Workbench double-click the DC1 icon, then click "Install".

The install process is relatively painless and is designed for ease of use. Select the destination on your virtual drive you'd like the game to install to, and then wait for it all to finish.

Doing it yourself

You can download this WinUAE configuration file. You'll need to make sure the Kickstart ROM is properly assigned, and perhaps change your display settings, and then all you need to do is to set up a virtual hard drive. Worms2D.info and Dream17 will be providing a simple download for a virtual hard drive at some point in the near future.

TO DO: Provide a simple download for a virtual hard drive with WormsDC already preinstalled.

Pre-configured portable setup

Now using this package you can play WormsDC quickly and easily: It includes a portable setup of WinUAE, pre-configured and includes WormsDC installed as a "virtual hard drive" (Actually in a folder but it pretends it's the Amiga's HD). You can launch the game through WormsDC, which makes it boot a savestate that gets you straight to the game (even if you customize or change something in the game folders, the game will still detect it). Because the Amiga Kickstart 3.1 ROM is still copyrighted, you need to provide it yourself, having to rename the file to "KS31.rom" and put it in the main folder to make the game work.

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