Crate Shower

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Crate Shower
Type: Utility
Keyboard selection: n/a
Standard effects: Crates appear
Present in: W:A, WWP

Crate Shower is when crates start appearing randomly on the landscape during a turn. The crates contain absolutely random weapons and utilities - the Crate Probability settings do not affect what appears. Anything from Bazooka and Grenade, to Super Banana Bomb and Armageddon, and even Skip Go and Surrender can show up in weapon crates, and anything from Jet Pack to Double Damage and even another Crate Shower can show up in utility crates. Health crates never appear in crate showers.

Certain utility crates will contain Crate Shower. When a crate with Crate Shower is collected by a worm, crates will start appearing immediately. The Crate Shower will last only during the turn in which it is collected (except if it is collected during retreat time, it will take effect during the player's next turn).

In addition, certain Wormpot modes such as "Crates, Crates, and more Crates", and "No Weapons, crates only", will trigger automatic crate showers each turn.

A similar mode can be activated in WormsDC using the cheat code "SUPA SHOPPA", which replaces spawned landmines with crates.

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