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icon Animated Grave Machine
Animated Grave Machine screenshot
Developer: Annelid
Latest version: v1.0.0.3 / 2002
Supported games: WWP
Language: Visual Basic 6.0
License: Closed source
Download: (16 kb)

The Animated Grave Machine for WWP, written by Annelid, is a hack that allows the user to select 1 of 128 different WWP sprites to use as your team's grave. However, the program has been incorporated into Annelid's much better TeamED program, and so is obsolete.

How it works

This hack is possible because of the way Worms World Party reads a team's grave. Normally, a player has the option to use 1 of 6 default animated graves, or a custom 8-bit, 24 x 32 grave. 1 byte per each team in the team file is used to determine which type of grave is being used. Hex values 00 to 05 are used to represent the 6 default animated graves, and a value of FF signals the use of a custom grave. The program allows 1 of 128 sprites to be used as the grave by allowing you to select a value of 00 to 7F for this byte. The byte acts as an index for WWP's gfx.dir file, which holds almost all the sprites used by the game.

Using values of 80 to FE for this byte can cause WWP to crash if a worm from the team is killed on the land. This is because the index byte is a signed byte. Hex values 80 to FE represent a negative value for the index. No negative entries exist in the gfx.dir, thus no sprite can be found for the grave, thus WWP crashes because it is not programmed to handle this error. If an integer was used instead of a byte for this index, any sprite could have been used from the gfx.dir as your team's grave.

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