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The correct title of this article is #worms on GameSurge. The # is missing and the initial letter is capitalised due to technical restrictions.

"#worms" is an IRC channel on the GameSurge network. It allows wormers to chat among each other with ease.

Newbie guide step one: Installing an IRC chat program

To connect to an IRC network, you'll need an IRC client (a program designed to connect to IRC networks for chatting). mIRC is the most popular choice for Windows users. You can download it from the official mIRC download page. Install it.

Newbie guide step two: Connecting to the chat with mIRC

Run mIRC. Go into the options menu (Tools -> Options) and set up your nickname and alternative nickname in the "Connect" menu (found in the list of menus on the left side of the main options window), then go to the "Servers" menu and drop down the box labelled "IRC Network". Find and select "GameSurge". Then click the "Connect To Server" button.

If "GameSurge" isn't on the list of IRC networks, you might not have the latest version of mIRC. As of the time writing this, the latest version is 6.21 (from November 23rd 2006). Also, see below for a more direct way to connect.

Once you're connected, a favourite channels window will appear. You can just delete all the entries in the "Or select a channel from the list below:" box, because those are insane channels that you'll never connect to and probably don't even exist on the GameSurge network. So, after deleting all those entries, add a new entry by clicking "Add".

Type "#worms" in the "Channel" box. Enable "Join on connect". Below the "Networks" drop-down box, click "Add" and select "GameSurge", press "OK", then choose "GameSurge" in the "Networks" drop-down. Press "OK" in that window. Double-click on the new "#worms" entry you just made, and you'll be in the Worms IRC channel.

If you find the explanation above a bit confusing, you can try this alternative tutorial with some images to help you out.

Joining #worms with mIRC

See "Newbie guide step two: Connecting to the chat with mIRC"

Joining #worms with Miranda IM

Miranda IM is a chat program that combines almost all IM programs (bar X-Fire) in one nifty program. It also has an IRC function. You can get it at [Miranda IM site].

Setting your default nickname. Go to Crown-->Options. On the far left under Network, click IRC. In User Info, type all the stuff. Click OK.

Connecting to GameSurge To join worms just for one session, first you must connect to GameSurge. You can skip this step if you have already connected to it, or if you follow "Connecting to GameSurge automatically" below. 1) Click the crown menu in the top left corner. 2) Go to IRC (if you don't have an IRC menu, you probably don't have the latest version). 3) Click Quick Connect 4) In the server name box, select GameSurge: Random Server (NOT THE EU VERSION!). The box is in alphabetical order. (If you don't have it, you don't have the latest version) 5) Click connect.

Joining #worms Go to crown-->IRC-->Join a channel. Type #worms and press OK. A box will appear with the message "You have joined #worms" along with the topic.

Connecting to GameSurge automatically (you still need to join #worms manually). It's all well and good doing the above method, but this saves a few clicks. Before you do this, see "Setting your default nickname". NOTE: You can only have one server to automatically connect to, so if you have others you like more than GameSurge, this isn't recommended! Go to crown-->Options At the far left, under Network, go to IRC. Check the Enable box under default network, then select "GameSurge: Random server" in the box. Do nothing else and press OK. Now every time you start the program, it will connect to GameSurge for you (negating the need of "Connecting to GameSurge" above)

Quick connect command

As an alternative, you can quickly connect to GameSurge and join #worms directly by typing the following command in any status/channel window in any IRC program:

/server -m irc.gamesurge.net -jn #worms
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