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Welcome to Worms Unlimited

What is Worms Unlimited?

This site exists to catalogue every idea and suggestion conceived by the Worms community that could be implemented into a new, two-dimensional Worms game. This Worms game, purely hypothetical, is Worms Unlimited, sequel to Worms Armageddon and Worms World Party, and pinnacle of two-dimensional turn-based strategy; the game that Worms Armageddon was supposed to be.

Worms Unlimited contains scores of new unique weapons, customisability far beyond anything ever seen before in any Worms game, and dozens of game-play enhancing features that will ensure that another turn-based 2D Worms game will never again be needed. In short, Worms Unlimited contains virtually everything, ever, that anyone would ever want in a 2D Worms game.

Sadly this game may never see reality: Team17, the developer behind previous Worms games, have said that 2D Worms has no future, and have moved on to the likes of Worms 3D and Worms Forts: Under Siege. But while these 3D variations have proven to be successful, they simply lack the game-play that can only be achieved in two dimensions. Others agree: it just isn\'t Worms. While few disapprove of Team17\'s bold 3D Worms experiment, many despise the abandonment of an unfinished series.

Even if 2D Worms never makes a comeback, this site will continue to exist, and will continue to update as long as the ideas keep coming in. It will stand as a monument to what could have been, and might yet still be. Team17 may not be interested but one day, I hope, someone else will.


The weapons section lists approximately 50 weapon ideas, all with detailed descriptions, including how the weapons might affect gameplay if they existed. This section also contains comments concerning accepting/rejecting weapons ideas, and the problems of extra weapons in Worms.


The editors section contains a considerable number of ideas for how the weapons, game, and map editors can be improved and expanded upon, providing Worms with an extent of customisability that really is difficult to imagine. Also contains an article on the problem of "over-customisation".

Real Time Worms

This section contains an in-depth analysis on the concept of Real Time Worms; whether it would work and what changes would have to be made to make it work. This section also addresses a number of concerns that people have over Real Time Worms, and makes references to a number of shareware games that follow the same principle (i.e. Liero).


A page listing ideas that would make the Worms interface, both in-game and out, far more customisable and easier to use. The interface for the editors however are covered in the Editors section, and the WormNET interface is covered in the WormNET section (below).


This section concerns WormNET and how it would have to be improved to accomodate all the ideas on this site.

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