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The Worms Knowledge Base (WKB) is not in any way related, supported or endorsed by Team17. It is purely a fan-made project. Any similarities with real-life animals, weapons, utilities or household items is purely a coincidence. This project does not condone real senseless violence and should not be in any way used as an excuse for performing real senseless violence. Any possible harm that may come to you, your computer, your family, your pets, your stalkers (or even some random planet in Orion) after visiting this website is purely coincidental and is in absolutely no way related to this website and its contents, and any responsibility we may or may not have is completely removed as soon as you visit this website due to obligatory legal reasons and otherwise.

Please note that some of the information in WKB may be inaccurate, wrong or misleading. The WKB owner (CyberShadow), administrators, authors, and contributors are not in any way responsible for any use of the information here. Use at your own risk.

No real animals were harmed during the writing of this disclaimer.

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