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Worms 2 Memory Changer
Developer: S*natch, Des
Latest version: c / 17 February 2006
Supported games: W2
Language: C++
License: Proprietary
Download: Des Worms 2 Memory Changer version c

The Worms 2 Memory Changer is a tool to read and modify the memory of the Worms 2 Frontend. It was initially developed by S*natch, and was modified by Des to take up less screen space. The tool is used for two purposes — to change the player's IP address in Worms 2's memory to allow for hosting and playing behind a NAT (as required by most modern network setups when playing over the internet), and to view the game's logic seed in order to determine which team will play first.

For the purpose of fixing the player's IP address, using FrontendKitWS with fkNetcode is now the recommended approach as it is fully automated. The remainder of this page will concentrate on the previous approach.


Worms 2 queries the settings of the computer's network adapter in order to determine the player's IP address, and does not allow this to be manually overridden. While this worked in the days of single computers connecting directly to the internet through a dial-up or broadband modem, it is no longer sufficient for the modern practice of having a single router connecting to the internet, to which potentially many devices connect. Due to IPv4 address exhaustion, routers will assign connected devices private (local) IP addresses, which are meaningless to the outside world. Therefore, in order to host games online, in addition to the usual port forwarding required, players must modify Worms 2's memory to correct the IP address to the public IP as assigned by the ISP to the router, which is accessible from the outside world.


The steps to do this are as follows:

  • Start Worms 2
  • Enter the network menu
  • Start W2MCc.exe
  • Select the correct version of the game (Worms2 Full 1.005 for 99% of use cases)
  • Click Refresh Information, note that the memory changer is displaying the incorrect IP address
  • Click the internet game button
  • Type your actual external IP address, and click the "Set New IP" button (you can also type a hostname and click "resolve" if you have a DNS name set up for your home internet connection, before clicking "Set New IP")
  • Host a game and hopefully have it work!
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