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* [[Team17 forums]]
* [[Team17 forums]]
* [[Dream17]]
* [[Dream17]]
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Worms: The Directors Cut icon  Worms: The Directors Cut
Worms The Directors Cut title screen
Developer: Team17/Andy Davidson
Maintainer: Andy Davidson
Publishers: Ocean Software, Guildhall Leisure
Release year: 1997
Latest version: 1.05 / 17 October, 1997
Website: http://worms.team17.com/wormsdc.html
Buy: No longer available
Update: On Dream17

Worms: The Directors Cut is a strategy game developed by UK-based company, Team17. It was the last game the company released for the Amiga home computer system, as the games market for the computer had begun to dry up by the time this game was released in 1997. Adding new elements and weapons to the Worms gameplay, this is generally considered to be the finest entry in the first generation of Worms games.

Built largely around the game engine for the original Amiga version of Worms, series creator Andy Davidson added a slew of new features and weapons to the game. Most of these weapons and features were carried over to later instalments in the game save for one weapon, the Sheep-on-a-Rope, and the enhanced customisation features.

WormsDC is, to date, the only game in the series to have used keys other than the F-keys for weapons. The numeric keys 6, 7, 8, 9 and 0 were used for some of the more powerful weapons including the Holy Hand Grenade, the Minigun and the Old Woman.


Only Worms: The Directors Cut

Compilations including Worms: The Directors Cut

  • The Team17 Collection (an unofficial Amiga CD32 compilation containing all of Team17's Amiga titles on CD)

Official Updates

The game technology


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