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icon Worms.NET PAL Editor
Worms.NET PAL Editor screenshot
Developer: Pac-Man
Latest version: 1.1.0 / 23 September, 2013
Supported games: W:A, WWP
Language: C# (.NET 4)
License: Ms-PL
Download: Source code

Worms.NET PAL Editor is a small tool which is capable of loading and saving the PAL palette files used in the frontend of W:A and WWP. It allows the user to change the files and modify them with a small set of predefined manipulations like inverting them or switching their color channels. A technical demonstration has been posted on the Team17 forum, the W:A frontend has been tinted into red colors.

Main Features

  • Displaying PAL palette colors
  • Selecting more than one color at once by holding down the Ctrl key
  • Manipulating the colors manually or with predefined manipulation functions via a right click context menu
  • Saving manipulated PAL palettes
  • A small and simple-to-find easteregg

Project State

The Worms.NET CodePlex project from which this tool originates has been deleted, the tools themselves were migrated to the new Syroot.Worms .NET library on GitLab. However, the tools are not under development anymore and might be recreated in the future, on top of the new library.

See also

  • Palette file (including the generalized versions of the load and save routines used in this program)
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