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WormTube's 16:9 playback
WormTube's 16:9 playback
Creator: Wyvern
Creation date: May 2007
Link: http://wormtube.worms2d.info/

WormTube is the main wormy movie database. Most of the videos are compilations of fragments of Worms Armageddon gameplay.

Website features

  • Play back and download Worms-related videos.
  • Movie galleries, split into:
    • Compilations: movies that show gameplay from different and asorted players.
    • Solo movies: movies that focus on a particular player's gameplay.
    • Clan movies: these involve gameplay from a particular Worms clan or self-proclaimed group.
    • Mini Clips & Trailers: short movies which either promote upcoming movie releases, or aren't based on gameplay at all.
  • User comments on movies.
  • Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) video streaming.
  • Variable aspect ratio video player depending on the movie's aspect ratio, scaled to 360p.
  • Optional full-screen playback.
  • Galleries by author.
  • Movie database search.

History and Staff

After the introduction of W:A replays and the ability to extract video frames from them, and given the outburst of video streaming all out the Internet, all was set for Worms fans to create videos. Soon movies were being published but in no centralized place, which made evident the need for a website that focused on wormy videos.

WormTube was then created in 2007 by Wyvern. The original website included simply a full menu/movie list, which linked to every available movie, and a news area. It has seen few visual updates ever since (mainly back-end updates plus comments and RSS), until April 2010.

(WormTube has moved the domain from http://wormtube.wyvsucks.org/ to http://wormtube.worms2d.info/ in 2009 (exact date unknown) and the old domain has expired.)

The website has been maintained mainly by Wyvern and CyberShadow, but administered by its special team of admins. Since April 2010 it is also maintained by OutofOrder. Movie submissions now are handled by OutofOrder, who is in charge of encoding them into Flash-compatible formats for SD video streaming.


WormTube is also host of the Showcase "video tournament", a yearly competition produced by Cueshark, which consists of viewer-based rating of Worms:Armageddon gameplay scenes submitted by several players (the contenders). The competition runs for a given time during which visitors can vote in a poll. Showcase has had 3 editions since May 2009.

Video submission

So, you've created your own Worms movie, and want to get it on WormTube?

If you want your video to be streamed in HD, make sure you encode it in H.264 with AAC audio. And it's even better if you mux it to .MP4.

In order to upload your movie, you will need to contact OutofOrder on GameSurge and he will provide you with access to a video upload page. Do not upload your movie to Dropbox, Mega or other file sharing websites! And do not attempt to upload it to this website (the Worms Knowledge Base) either!

You must also present the following details about your movie:

Author's name:
Movie title:
Category: (Compilation, Solo, Clan movie or Mini/Trailer)
Screenshot timestamp: (Minute and second from the movie to appear in thumbnails)
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