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Developer: terion
Supported games: W:A
Supported W:A version: 3.8.x
Supported W:A editions: This item is compatible with the CD edition of W:A.  This item is compatible with the Steam edition of W:A.This item is compatible with the GOG edition of W:A.
Language: C++
License: Open-source
Website: TUS Page
Download: wkTextMacros (224 kB)

This WormKit module implements automatic text macros in both lobby and in-game chat.

How to use it

  1. Upon first launch, the module will create a macros/ directory inside your WA installation dir.
  2. Inside macros/ directory create a .txt file with the name of your desired command (for example, macros/rules.txt will be available as /rules command)
  3. Edit this file with notepad and fill it with your desired text macro (save it as plaintext, ascii file)
  4. When in lobby or in-game, type /macros to see a list of all available commands
  5. Type the name of your command to send the text to all players


  • The text files are scanned and read on game launch and whenever you use /macros command. Thus macro file creation/modification/deletion will be reflected only when you type /macros command or restart the game.
  • Text macros in lobby are sent as a single message and are limited to 1024 characters
  • Text macros in-game are split by newline character into separate messages and are limited to 256 characters per line. Up to 3 text lines can be used in a single macro.
  • Spamming text macros will trigger automatic /ignore by all players, so keep your macros short and use this module with moderation.
  • Do not use space or other special characters in command names
  • Do not use command names that overlap with bult-in game commands (/test, /version, etc)
  • This module has been tested with WA version 3.8.0. It will not work with WA and earlier versions. It might work with newer WA releases if no significant changes are made to lobby or game chat functions.
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