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Developer: Plutonic
Latest version: 25 April 2010
Supported games: W:A
Language: C++
License: Restricted-source
Download: [1]

wkIndiMask is a module for WormKit that allows maps to be set up that have both destructable and indestructable parts to them.

There are 3 'types' of terrain, Destructible, Indestructible and Tough (only removed when an explosion occures that will remove the background soil texture)

IndiMask settings for a map can be edited using MapGEN version 0.4.0 or later, or if you need more control, any paint package using the info below:

All info is stored in the PNG palette for the map. In order to set up a map for wkIndiMask, you must first ensure the palette has a particular entry. The module will search for this entry when a game starts and activate or deactivate based on its presence. Because WA throws away unused map palette entries, it will have to exist somewhere on the map. 1 pixel under the water is fine.

This colour is R:240, G:024, B:204. ( #F018CC)

After that, you can pick which colours are destructable or not using the least significant bit in the Red component of the colour. So essentially:

If the Red component is even, you can destroy it; if it is odd, you can't.

Further to that, the Green component is similarly used to decide if the colour is Tough.

A colour that has odd for both Red and Green will be set as Tough.

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