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| [[Zombified]] || Status Effect || [[User:Zippy|Zippy]]
| [[Zombified]] || Status Effect || [[User:Zippy|Zippy]]
| [[Radiation]] || Status Effect || [[User:Zippy|Zippy]]

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These pages describe some weapons that might feature in Worms Unlimited.

Ideally, Worms Unlimited would have a powerful scripting feature which would allow its users to effectively create any weapon imaginable - not unlike some existing third-party programs which can create or modify weapons for Worms Armageddon, such as the Fiddler or Project X. This would be far more versatile than simply including a fixed set of new weapons.

Would such a feature give too much versatility? Having fixed weapons with slightly variable settings (the power setting) gives the game a degree of reliability, and assures WormNET players that they know roughly what to expect, and won't be surprised by a handgun that fires bazooka shells, or other absurdities. Giving players the ability to create and use new weapons at will might make it too difficult for other players to find games in which they can be comfortable.

But these issues can be solved with carefully restricted WormNET channels. The simplest version of this solution might be as follows: one channel is restricted to the "default" weapon set that comes with the game, and another channel allows all scripted weapons. A more complex solution might involve a go-between channel, which filters out the awful, unbalanced weapons that people would surely create in extreme numbers. This channel might be restricted only to those scripted weapons that have won community approval (in much the same way as certain schemes have become staples). How this might be implemented though is not discussed here.

Given the infinite possibilities that such a scripting feature would provide, why bother listing any potential weapons at all, as this page does?

The weapon ideas listed below could be considered to be potential additions to the "default" weapon set that would come with Worms Unlimited. These ideas, or the inspirations for them, were collected from community forums and catalogued on Run's Worms Unlimited website (the content of which has since been moved here), and were selected for the perceived fun, balance and strategic value they might bring to the game.

Alternatively, the ideas here could be seen as a way to inspire others to create them, should such a powerful scripting feature ever come about in a Worms game (if not Worms Unlimited itself). The wiki nature of these pages allows anyone to 'invent' their own weapons and suggest modifications for any of the existing ideas, and so create a hub of brainstorming for that future possibility.


These articles begin with a basic description of the weapon in use, followed by technical considerations (which are speculative at best), then strategical implications of the weapon in a Worms environment, and finally end in a comment on its aesthetics and suitability to Worms as an idea.

Weapon Type
Boomerang Projectile
Bowling Ball Projectile
Frisbee Projectile
Radiation Bomb Projectile
Stone Projectile
Disc Launcher Firearm
Freeze Ray Firearm
Gamma Gun Firearm
Glue Gun Firearm
Laser Gun Firearm
Air Pump Close Combat
Bite Close Combat
Cricket Bat Close Combat
Cannibalism Close Combat
Pick Pocket Close Combat
Tazer Close Combat
Alien Invasion Global
Ozone Hole Global
Chicken Animal
Eagle Animal
Rhino Animal
Alien Abduction Localised Strike
Crevice Localised Strike
Lightning Strike Localised Strike
Telekinetic Prod Localised Strike
Tornado Localised Strike
Anvil Drop and Run
Beehive Drop and Run
Self-replicating Mine Drop and Run
Sentry Gun Drop and Run
Bunker Construction
Cement Construction
Security Door Construction
Invisible Girder Construction
Teleport Inhibitor Construction
Back to the Future Transport
Boat Transport
Catapult Transport
Evacuation Transport
Hang-glider Transport
Harness Transport
History Eraser Transport
Hot Air Balloon Transport
Magic Carpet Transport
Object Teleport Transport
Super Teleport Transport
Trampoline Transport
Fan Other
Health Jab Other
Mitosis Other
Protective Suit Other
Reinforcement Worm Other
Resurrector Other


The following weapons are more recent concepts posted by other members of the community.

Weapon Type Author
Chilli Bomb Grenade/Cluster Bomb Wormfan101
Cob Bomb Grenade/Cluster Bomb Wormfan101
Confuse Utility Zippy
Crate Spy as a real weapon Utility FoxHound
Damage x2 as a real weapon Utility FoxHound
Double Turn Time as a real weapon Utility FoxHound
Dynamite Belt Utility _Kilburn
Geyser Utility FoxHound
Opera Cloak Utility Ion Zone
High Air Viscosity Utility FoxHound
High Gravity (and fall damage) Utility FoxHound
Indestructible Terrain as a weapon Utility FoxHound
Shrink Utility FoxHound
Target Painter Utility _Kilburn
Thermal Vision Utility FoxHound
Wind Choice Utility FoxHound
Black Bullet Projectile Zippy
Golden Grenade Projectile Zippy
Hellish Grenade Projectile Dodo222
Insanity Bomb Projectile Ion Zone
Air Guitar Firearm Snicklin
Railgun Firearm Pingu
Sniper Rifle Firearm Zippy
Red Hot Chilli Worm Close Combat Pingu
Mad Sheep Animal Zippy
Mega Sheep Animal Zippy
Shapeshift Animal Pingu
Fairground Grabber Strike Localised Strike Maz
Worm Strike Localised Strike GRAND RADION
Water Strike Localised Strike MrrLL
Glue Shower Global Pingu
Tectonic Land Rise Global Pingu
Atomic Mushroom Drop and Run _Kilburn
Platinum Donkey Drop and Run Snicklin
Harpoon Transport FoxHound
Bubble Other FoxHound
BulletTime (Matrix Slow-Motion) Other Hosma293
Chaos Bomb (Wild Magic) Other Ion Zone
Fusion Other Pingu
Meditate Other FoxHound
Quantum Entanglement Other Pingu
Turncoat Other Pingu
Slime Bunny Localized Strike/Utility Shadow The Worm
Fury Status Effect Zippy
Buffed Status Effect Zippy
Zombified Status Effect Zippy
Radiation Status Effect Zippy

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