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Wall-X-wall shopper, also known as wxw, is a variation of the well known shopper scheme. The aim of this scheme is quite similar to shopper, where in addition to the regular shopper rules the player also has to touch a number of walls marked on the terrain.


The original idea of Wall-X-wall shopper came from the W:A player Star worms in 2005. This scheme was originally played on regular shopper terrains with the extra rule of TBW (Touch Both Walls) added. This game was in the beginning known as Wall 2 wall or w2w in shorthand. Unlike the later version of Wall-x-wall, this original idea had no specified walls to touch and used the left and right walls of the terrain for this purpose.

Not soon after Star Worms came out with his first specialised W2W map, in which he had marked four walls with a red colour which would become the principle of all wall-x-wall terrains since. Quite obvious this scheme could no longer be called wall 2 wall and so it was named wall 4 wall (w4w).

As a few months passed by, special maps for this wall touching variety of shopper were made and w3w, w5w, w6w, w8w and even w12w were created. The name WxW or Wall-x-wall was given to this new variety of Worms.

How to play

See shopper, but make sure you use the rule mentioned above.

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