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icon WWPPipe
Developer: ZloiAdun, hud
Latest version: v1.5 / 23 July, 2003
Supported games: WWP
Language: Visual C++ 6.0
License: GPL / Closed source
Download: wnet2connect.7z (28 kb, archive password: PVzvCQe2Vu)

WWPPipe, also WormNet2 Connector, is a program that acts like a network proxy for Worms World Party. It changes the data that the game sends to WormNET2, thus allowing the user to customize their country flag and rank, enable flaming health bars, as well as enforce an external IP.

The program was originally written by ZloiAdun, and later modified by hud. Although the program is seemingly distributed under the GNU GPL, the source code is not included in the distribution archive (although the contents may have been altered during redistribution). Original wwpipe with the source code could be found here (dead link).

Some antiviruses detect this software as Trogan Horse Generic.CVY or similar.

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