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Hey, my name's Tiku-Orava, and I am a guy from Finland. I am interested in video games and music (death metal mostly) and I consider Worms as one of the best game series ever. I've been a fan for 10 years now.

Best Worms games are (and could always be) Worms Armageddon & Worms World Party.

Ahhh Finally! Got Color Problems solved!

Other wikis I contribute
Lyric Wiki

Personal Weapon Ideas

Before you think anything further, these are my personal opinions and are not suggestions of any sort. These are just what I would want to see in a future worms game.

The names are... partly mine, partly from my favourite things.

Icelandic Air Traffic Controller

The Icelandic Air Traffic Controller, or simply Air Traffic Controller, is a weapon that disallows all air strikes for next few turns.

When the weapon is used, a volcano will rise on the background and erupt. The smoke will come above the landscape and disallows all air traffic. Even crates won't be dropped for the next few turns.

The weapon could be coded with simple weapon deactivation code.


  • The weapon is useful if your worms are in the open and it is likely that the enemy will use an air weapon.
  • The weapon is very rare, and will be useless if nobody has air weapons.

The Black Seeds of Vengeance

The Black Seeds of Vengeance is a weapon that does a revenge to the worm that damaged the worm last time with the same amounts of damage, depending on who plants the seeds.

When used, the black seeds will absorb to the ground and a black plant will rise beneath the worm that damaged the selected worm last time and deal the same damage. After the plant damages the enemy it will wither and shrink to a small piece of destroyable land. The Black Seeds of Vengeance can't be used if the worms is undamaged by the enemy or the enemy worm who damaged the worm last time is killed.

Example 1

  • On turn #1, Worm 1 damaged Worm 2, causing 75 points of damage.
  • The battle continued for a few turns.
  • The Worm 2's turn comes in again and he uses the weapon.
  • Worm 1 suffers 75 points of damage, the same amount that it delievered to Worm 2.

Example 2

  • On turn #1, Worm 7 damaged Worm 4, causing 43 points of damage.
  • The battle continued for a few turns.
  • On turn #5, Worm 3 damaged Worm 4, causing 15 points of damage.
  • The Worm 4's turn comes in and he uses the weapon.
  • Worm 3 suffers 15 points of damage, the same amount that it delievered to Worm 4.

The Black Seeds of Vengeance could be programmed using the same code that controls the "Revenge!" speech when you attack the worm that damaged you last time.


  • The weapon falls into the same class with Scales of Justice, being definently a darkside weapon.
  • The weapon is useful when the enemy has delievered a great deal of damage to your worm last time (especially with rates like 200 points) but still your worms survived and in that case can kill the enemy worm almost instantly if it's already damaged.
  • A minus point is that it's very rare weapon and if the enemy did only 5 damage to you last turn, the weapon is more or less worthless.

The Burning Darkness

The Burning Darkness is a super weapon that creates a napalm wall to the whole map. All worms are hit by the weapon and are likely to slide into mines or off the map. The weapon destroys a great amount of the upper land, even though I does not deliever insane amount of damage, for the maxium amount of 50 points if the worm is long in the fire. The fire also destroys all barrels.

When the weapon has been fired, the smoke cloud that comes from the flames will hide the whole landscape. Everything that all players see is just black background and worms. When the weapon user's turn come in again, the smoke cloud will fade out and the landscape is seen again, with big chunk of it destroyed.

The weapon could be coded with the fire code, creating fire for the whole map.


  • The weapon is good for losing position: It can screw up the enemy team's game because all the worms get damage and the enemy's next turn is almost completly useless because he can't see the landscape.
  • The bad thing about the weapon is that because it damages your worms alsoand doesn't suit for low-health team, and as a super weapon it is very rare.

Opinion on the Series

2D Games

Worms was, well I could say too ancient, even for me. It was ok to me but I didn't like the poor graphics.

Worms 2 on the other hand was great, I really liked the cartoonish look that suits perfectly to Worms. Continuing on the same engine, Armageddon was the more-or-less-perfect worms game. Perfect graphic style, perfect gameplay. The look was polished and those old, little awkward and monotonic menus were gone. Worms World Party was actually the first Worms game I have ever played. Armageddon is still better, mainly because all of the patches that have came to it. It will be awesome when Wormopot and MP Missions will be included in a W:A patch.

But then...

3D Games

These 3D games came in. And they suck ass.

I mean, in original Worms 2D games, the key element is the strategy. But in 3D it's just point and shoot. No caverns, no old-school Worms gameplay which makes the game so hooking. And 3D games have absolutely NO customizability which was huge drawback from W2 engine which had all kinds of nice little customs, like flags, graves, speech, levels... While Worms 3D included old Worms weapons in the game which was suprising Mayhem had much better engine. But Forts is suckiest.

New 2D Game series

The new 2D series are... lacking. Nice graphics and all that but the gameplay and the engine isn't the same. A perfect new Worms sequel would be 2D with engine very similar to the W2/W:A/WWP engine with graphics in mix between old and new. And HUGE customizability.

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