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StepS' real name: Stepan Obraztsov.

StepS lives in Moscow, Russia.

StepS was born on 4th of April, 1995.

StepS knows Russian (native level), French (professional level), English (medium level).

StepS once played offline in 2003, then it came back into his mind in 2009, and he started to play online.

StepS owns a localized W:A CD of Russobit-M (2002)

StepS is contributing to W:A community every day. Makes new weapons. Beta tester of some projects (RubberWorm, The Wheat Snooper, and some others)

StepS prefers playing WxW and RubberWorm schemes.

StepS is available on VK and Facebook.

StepS is tired of writing this page so he will continue it later.

Here you can read the history of how StepS got involved with Worms: How it all started

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