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I am the Runs

the Runs is too busy with other shit these days, so i'm pretty much retiring from the worms community. i still play, but only with some close friends.

the only thing i'll keep doing is the "Worst Shot Ever" site. other than that, you probably won't see me around the forums, irc channels, or on this wiki anymore.

i'll probably be back, but it may be a long time.

EDIT: I am back. It was a long time.

A little to do list for myself:

  • Write up a bunch of scheme pages
  • standardise scheme pages
  • Each scheme page should have
    • intro - what are the defining characteristics of the scheme. ideally shouldn't be done by comparison to some other scheme; describe in a vacuum
    • moderately detailed description - key scheme settings, typical gameplay
    • rules - if applicable - model formatting on Alt-F4
    • strategies - model formatting on Hysteria or Team17
    • weapon tier lists? (could be controversial)
    • variations & related schemes
    • history
    • (also: scheme download box, at least one decent replay, multiple if warranted to demonstrate strategies in play)
  • schemes to rewrite (conventional gameplay to begin with)
    • Hysteria (split lead into intro and description)
    • Pro (standardise)
    • The One (destub)
    • Elite (destub)
    • Mole Shopper (standardise)
    • Mole Fort (standardise)
    • Abnormal (standardise)
    • Dabble and Fidget (standardise)
    • One of Everything (standardise)
    • Alt-F4 (split lead into intro and description)
    • Team17 (+strategies; split lead into intro and description)
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