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Konar6 (or K6) is a 22 year old W:A player from Pilsen, Czech Republic. His first worms games dates back to ~2000 when he played some W2/W:A on a friend's computer.

6 years later, W:A has been revived from Konar6's oblivion and he started playing online sometime in 2006, regularly since June 2008.

He enjoys playing many schemes, such as Shopper, WxW, Team17, Fort, CTF, Battle Race, Holy war, BnG, Mole Shopper, Boom Race, Bungee Race, Bungee Shopper, Parachute Race, One of Everything, BnA, Hysteria, Walk For Weapons, Golf, Ghost Knocking, Bows and Clusters, Board game and RubberWorm schemes.
Does NOT play Elite, Roper, Warmer, Intermediate and Rope Race.

Usually can be found in #worms.

His nick originates from a real life nickname Konar. The nick Konar was taken when he wanted to register on a certain internet service and the service offered him the nick Konar6.

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