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*Some considerations about W:A portuguese translations: [[User:FoxHound/PortugueseWA]]
*Some considerations about W:A portuguese translations: [[User:FoxHound/PortugueseWA]]
*The very beginning of the translation of the W:A readme to portuguese (strong laziness to finish it): [[User:FoxHound/Worms_Armageddon_ReadMe_(Portuguese)]]
*FoxHound translated the W:A ReadMe to his native language (portuguese): [[User:FoxHound/Worms_Armageddon_ReadMe_(Portuguese)]]
=== [[Schemes]] page rearrangement proposals in WKB (uniting [[Schemes]] and [[Scheme ideas]]) ===
=== [[Schemes]] page rearrangement proposals in WKB (uniting [[Schemes]] and [[Scheme ideas]]) ===

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(Up to People)

FoxHound (or Ivan Bruno Lange) is a brazilian Br.png biologist who was born in 1991, and he currently lives in Curitiba - PR. He used to play Worms World Party for a long time, and he started to play Worms Armageddon (he bought Worms Battle Pack long time ago, so he also played W2 offline a bit and he also had a Demo version of Worms 1, which he used to play with a friend). He likes Chess, even though he rarely plays, his favourite sport is Rock Climbing and he is a music lover. His account name was taken from Metal Gear Solid Series; he used to play (but MGS 3 often, and he has achieved the best rank of this game many times. This photo is his best time record which was 1h 44min 01sec).


Activity in Worms

FoxHound loves schemes: he creates them, likes to play new ones, try new features of Project X and RubberWorm. Currently he is working together with DumbBongChow on a community called WoSC (Warehouse of Scheme Creations) wich focus on scheme creations. This community started as a TUS community and now we have a forum that can be considered our website. FoxHound created a humor blog for Worms Armageddon called Worms Armageddon Humor, he will try to add content and improve the blog when possible. Does he like this wiki too.


Schemes page rearrangement proposals in WKB (uniting Schemes and Scheme ideas)

Side effects of being a Worms addicted

Illusions of worms doing rope tricks

Sometimes when I am watching TV, I stay focused in the corners of the TV imagining a worm with a rope attached in the corner doing a Mexi.

Worms sounds in the head

Sometimes I hear voices of the worms from Worms Armageddon saying, "idiot" or "yes sir", and hear sounds effect of the game like an explosion or the ninja rope attachment in my head all the time.

If Worms Armagedon were constantly updated and focused in competitive PvP

  • It would be released one new weapon per month
  • Weapons and other stuff from the game would be ¨balanced"
  • The game could incentivate less players to be creative (maps, schemes, etc)
  • Updates every week, it would nauseate less the players (people would have more interest to keep playing the game).
  • People would(?) buy skins, new map themes/background and maybe some exclusive and oficial animated graves.
  • It would have a matchmaking system, the game would find a balanced game for you with people from your skill level as a player
  • It would have ELO system, tiers and ranks
  • People who enjoy just playing for fun and prefer the classic way of creating a lobby and being the host would have less space probably.
  • Free for all games would be less common
  • Classical and popular schemes/modes would be more estimulated than they already are (if the mode uses special maps made by the players, the most popular and the ones which care about gameplay would be played way too much)

I've just remembered now

I used to use a homming pigeon sound on my cellphone (before smartphones) when I received messages.

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