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DBC KR.gif DumbBongChow DBC US.gif is a world class ugly Korean who's addicted to making and playing rubber schemes. His Korean name is pronounced "Dong Bo Cha", and many Koreans misunderstand this name as some sort of tea they never heard of. This wormer also plays tus games, and he possesses special arrogance to call himself as the King of Tus League Player. He now writes information about his scheme on different site because all of worm2d members are scared of what he's going to do with site! His worm teams consist of bunch of ugly group of worms who spout loads of hideous sounds which can potentially ear-bleed among people with sensitive ears. It is said that his team graveyards will make even the most vulgar group of people vomit senselessly. People often play with DBC with their eyes closed and speaker turned off due to these problems, giving DBC a colossally cheap advantage on winning games. He is obsessed on hosting RubberWorm games with his fake snooper bot account, "WoSC-GameHoster". He used to play Worms Armageddon offline, and started to play Worms World Party for some time. Then this ugly Korean start playing Worms Armageddon again! (Not Good...? I THINK SO!!! >D)

More about this Worm Addict

WH Beautiful.png
  • Valid RubberWorm addict who relentlessly wants everyone else to play it!
  • Frequently updates this article due to his intense attention seeking compulsion!!
  • Worships CYBERSHADOW!!!
  • Will be willing to help other people create their rubber schemes. (HUL? WHY! THIS BONGHEAD IS AN EGOMANIAC)
  • Certified multitasking lunatic. (Gets delirium out of this behavior at times.)
  • Loves playing Worms Armageddon while binge eating. (Note: Eats five big meals per day!)
  • Plays too many different kinds of schemes. (His wrecked up brain fries from this habit!)
  • Does not like playing regular shopper game because he has ADHD! =O
  • Lives in USA because he found everyone in Korea too intelligent for him to get along with.
  • (Note: If you have thought picture at the right is the ugliest man in the world, think again as DBC easily outclasses this Asian in terms of ugliness!)

This Ugly Korean's Three Primary Worm Teams

  • DumbBongWorms (Only group of worms that DBC can fit well into, in terms of appearance.)
  • FatPikachus (A team created due to DBC being a hardcore Pokemon fan.)
  • TeamCoco (DBC's Dream team)
  • (Note: These teams all got custom flag and grave; Only DBW and FatPikachus got custom sound bank.)

His Wild Scheme Creations

  • Neocombat (Original scheme inspired from kaos and intermediate.)
  • Wild War (Part spam weapon firing scheme!)
  • Blitz Fort (Mass weapon firing sheep fort.)
  • Gravity Warfare (Scheme with black hole element.)
  • JetPack Assault (No ruled Jetpack shopper with some extra tools to spice up a game.)
  • DBC's Kaos (Quicker paced, less luck but less wilder version of Kaos.)
  • Rest of other rubber schemes that aren't very original and/or playable yet.
  • (Note: Most of the his scheme articles in scheme ideas have outdated .wsc files!!! Get the newest version at

Schemes He Shamelessly Indulges In

  • NAiL's SCHEMES! (Crate Chase, Wipeout, QuickDraw, and Etc.)
  • Foxhound's Schemes
  • DreamTrance's Jumper
  • Fighter's Schemes
  • Fly, Reg, WxW, Pod, and Surf Shopper (likes rubber version more)
  • Kaos and this Scheme's Variations.
  • Plop War, Jet Pack Race, and Battle Race
  • Dabble and Fidget, Team 17, Intermediate(fails at this one), and Elite
  • Tower Race (regular and various rubberworm versions)
  • Any Other Good Rubberworm and Regular Schemes

This Worm Addict's Face Revealed!

After series of investigation of this unusual person, witness have found out how this person looks like to some extent. Unfortunately, there are no photo of this person yet, and many different witness have drawn this person appeareance based on their observation. Witness have told the drawings look only half as ugly as his true appeareance... In other words, drawing cannot fully express how hideous he actually look due to witness having trouble looking straight at his face due to his monsterous level of ugliness. People have also reported that people break their camera before desparately trying to take a photo of him. Based on the drawings, people confidently say that he is a drug induced lunatic. DumbBongChowFace.jpg

About this Profile

This article is written by BongHead himself, and he does not want anybody else to modify it. Any comments about my profile under REVIEW ME!!! section on and/or are appreciated!

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