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The Wheat Snooper
The Wheat Snooper screenshot
Developer: Lookias
Latest version: A version in between others.
Supported games: W:A
Platform(s): Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: C++/Qt
License: gplv2 (opensource, everything free)
Download: The Wheat Snooper
Quake4 Skin
Quake4 Skin screenshot
Fractal Skin
Fractal Skin screenshot

The Wheat Snooper is a chatclient for the Worms Armageddon WormNET, usually called Snooper.


This program takes advantage of the Qt framework, it runs natviely on Linux, Windows and Mac. Binaries are available for Linux and Windows. It is very fast, as expected from C++ programs. And it provides a great set of features.


A bigger feature list is available here, but let me list some of these features:

  • chat logs
  • a querylist (also logged)
  • a comfortable buddylist
  • hosting and joining normal channelgames and also custom channelscheme-games
  • several skins
  • several layouts
  • several sounds for different events
  • it is highly costumizable
  • you can now share files with each other, over a 3rd party server
  • it ships a pictured tutorial in pdf format
  • translations to german, english,spanish and portuguese (more soon)
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