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Fiddler icon.png  The Fiddler
The Fiddler
Developer: Fudge Boy
Latest public version: v4.0 / 3 April, 2000
Supported games: W:A
Language: Delphi
Licence: Shareware A strange case. Click here for info.
Website: none?
Download: wa_fiddler40.exe (524 kb)

The Fiddler is allegedly Fudge Boy's most popular Worms-related creation. The program allows users to tweak many game settings which are normally unadjustable, or set them outside the bounds enforced by the in-game configuration interface. Most popular from its weapon editing capabilities, it is commonly accepted as the most powerful editor available for Worms Armageddon.


Excerpt from the scrolling message:

  • This program grew out of the frustration of discovering that Worms : Armageddon is much less customisable than Worms 2 was. Fudge Boy developed SchemeEd at around the same time that Allan West was writing Armageditor 1.0, but both quickly discovered the limitations of scheme file editing. Three weeks of late nights picking apart the disassembled code of Worms : Armageddon and The Fiddler was born! The Fiddler is Fudge Boy's first attempt to write a program for other people to use, which he is finding to present quite a challenge. None of his programs to date has ever been run outside of the compiler.

Current status

The latest publicly released version of The Fiddler only works with the v3.0 version of Worms Armageddon. Fudge Boy has announced that he has started working on version 4.1 of the Fiddler which added compatibility with the beta patches; however, there was no confirmation of a fully working version for the v3.5 (or latter) versions of the game.


Since the Fiddler modifies the game's memory directly, it is impossible to use the Fiddler with network play, unless all parties are using it and the exact configuration. The 3.0 version of the game does not work natively on NT-based Windows systems, and require an additional program (Silkworm) to run. Also, it has been reported that not any 3.0 executable will work (as, on some systems, some versions may crash, regardless if the Fiddler is used or not).

Future plans

Although Fudge Boy shared the source code to the Fiddler with a few developers, there are no plans to make the Fiddler work with the latest version of the game, or to extend its functionality. Instead, Deadcode has announced that he is planning to add Fiddler scheme format (.fsc) support to the game itself, allowing it to load Fiddler settings directly and using it like a normal scheme.

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