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Template for Scheme example

I think that would be nice to create a template just like his one, but for schemes. If you look Rope Race or Shopper pages, you will notice that some of the variations requires specific schemes. I think maybe this template could be for both: map and scheme. For exemple Bungee Shopper requires not only a specific map, but a scheme too, so a template for the scheme would be intersting. Pod Shopper for exemple only requires specific map, the scheme can be the Shopper scheme, so only map template should be applied. I tried to create this template, I read wikimedia meta guides, but it is a complex thing, it's hard for me, so i gave up trying. If someone create this template, would be very interesting. What do you think about it? FoxHound 23:35, 22 January 2011 (CET)

Doesn't the Template:Game setup help you in any way? --Explorer09 12:33, 24 January 2011 (CET)
I think what FoxHound wants is download links for scheme variations, but I thought that's what we were doing anyway (albeit a seperate "game setup" box for each one) Run! 15:53, 24 January 2011 (CET)
Oh, maybe that's what he means then. A box designed just for schemes (ignoring the map details, wormcount etc) Run! 15:55, 24 January 2011 (CET)

"A box designed just for schemes (ignoring the map details, wormcount etc)". Yes that's it. Can you imagine all the shopper variations with the main (big) Template:Game setup? FoxHound 19:13, 24 January 2011 (CET).

"Can you imagine all the shopper variations with the main (big) Template:Game setup?" I'm not sure what you mean. Do I need to do anything with the template? --Explorer09 08:31, 25 January 2011 (CET)

I want to put schemes for downloading for all the variations of shopper. If we use the main template game setup the page would look ugly, like this: User:FoxHound/Shopper_page_demonstration (I didn't put the name of each scheme in the setup box, I just want to demonstrate how the page looks). But if we use a small template for downloading the schemes' variations, just like map example template is for maps, the page would look better. My suggestion is to modify the "map example" template to "map + scheme" template, only for downloading schemes (not showing how many worms the players should start, etc) and to look the specific maps. Or just creating another template (without modifying the map example template) just for downloading schemes. I hope I have been more clear this time. FoxHound 16:20, 25 January 2011 (CET)

EDIT: Now I noticed that (if I didn't misunderstand) i'm not the first one who had this idea, just look the To-do list of Holy War page. I created an image about how the template would look like. Maybe this way the template wouldn't be smaller enough, so perhaps some modifications like this one would be necessary. FoxHound 19:26, 25 January 2011 (CET)

Edited the Template:Game setup. Now you can remove or change the big title ("Game setup"). --Explorer09 11:20, 26 January 2011 (CET)
How about this? User:Explorer09/Template:Scheme --Explorer09 12:27, 26 January 2011 (CET)

I tried to remove the big tittle, but i couldn't, i don't know how to do it. About your version (User:Explorer09/Template:Scheme), i like it. It is much better than the original, with the title of the scheme big and a little bit smaller. Your template is good to be used with the main schemes, but maybe it will not be small enough to be used in the variations. Because variations should use a very small template in my opinion, since they usually don't have big descriptions and are just a modification of the main scheme, so they don't need a big game setup like the main original scheme. FoxHound 19:07, 26 January 2011 (CET)

Try this? {{Scheme|title=}} {{Game setup|title=}} --Explorer09 05:26, 27 January 2011 (CET)

Now with your help I could do it! Thanks! And now I noticed that putting worms is optional with both templates. Now the scheme variations can be put with no worries. Good job Explorer09! FoxHound 16:44, 27 January 2011 (CET)

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