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[[:Image:Weapon_navbox.png|Click here]] for the image description page.
[[:Image:Weapon_navbox.png|Click here]] for the image description page.
{{todo|Add un-paletted icons for [[Crate Shower]], [[Crate Spy]], and [[Damage x2]]}}

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For the infobox, see Template:Weapon.

Jet PackLow GravityFast WalkLaser SightInvisibilityBazookaHoming MissileMortarHoming PigeonSheep LauncherGrenadeCluster BombBanana BombBattle AxeEarthquakeShotgunHandgunUziMinigunLongbowFire PunchDragon BallKamikazeSuicide BomberProdDynamiteMineSheepSuper Sheep (Aqua Sheep)Mole BombAir StrikeNapalm StrikeMail StrikeMine StrikeMole SquadronBlow TorchPneumatic DrillGirderBaseball BatGirder Starter PackNinja RopeBungeeParachuteTeleportScales of JusticeSuper Banana BombHoly Hand GrenadeFlame ThrowerSalvation ArmyMB BombPetrol BombSkunkPriceless Ming VaseFrench Sheep StrikeMike's Carpet BombMad CowsOld WomanConcrete DonkeyIndian Nuclear TestArmageddonSkip GoSurrenderSelect WormFreezePatsy's Magic BulletCrate ShowerCrate SpyDamage x2Double Turn TimeHoming Cluster BombHoming Air StrikeConfused Sheep StrikeCloned SheepNuclear BombGrenade LauncherSheep-on-a-RopeChainsawAbout this imageWeapon navbox.png

Click here for the image description page.

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