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(Use Template:WAreadmepage along with this template.)
(Example: + portuguese)
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*ru : Russian ([[Template:WA VersionHistory/ru]])
*ru : Russian ([[Template:WA VersionHistory/ru]])
*fr : French ([[Template:WA VersionHistory/fr]])
*fr : French ([[Template:WA VersionHistory/fr]])
*pt : Portuguese ([[Template:WA VersionHistory/pt]])
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  <nowiki>{{WA VersionHistory|ru}}</nowiki>
  <nowiki>{{WA VersionHistory|ru}}</nowiki>
  <nowiki>{{WA VersionHistory|fr}}</nowiki>
  <nowiki>{{WA VersionHistory|fr}}</nowiki>
<nowiki>{{WA VersionHistory|pt}}</nowiki>
==Adding a new language==
==Adding a new language==

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W:A Version History
v3.5 Beta 1 • Beta 2
v3.6.x.x 19.7 (.11 • .12 • .14 • .15 • .17 • .17a • .18 • .19) • 20.1 (.2 • .3) • 21.1 (.2 • .3) • 22.1 • 23.0 (.1 • .2) • 24.1 (.2) • 25.1a • 26.4 (.5) • 28.0 • 29.0 • 30.0 • 31.0 • 31.2b
v3.7.x.x 0.0 • 2.1

This navbox should help people navigate inside the version history pages.


{{WA VersionHistory|language code}}

The language will default to English (en) if the parameter is empty.

Language codes supported


{{WA VersionHistory|en}}
{{WA VersionHistory|es}}
{{WA VersionHistory|ru}}
{{WA VersionHistory|fr}}
{{WA VersionHistory|pt}}

Adding a new language

This template uses a string table for localized strings. The string table is a sub-template with the name like Template:WA VersionHistory/en. To add a new language, create a sub-template with your language code in the name.

Then copy and paste the content below to your new sub-template:


You need to translate the following strings:

String ID Description Example string in English
title Navbox title W:A Version History
v35LinkName Links to the v3.5 Beta update subpages {{WAreadmepage|en}}/v3.5 Beta {{{ver}}} Update
betaLinkName Links to the Beta update subpages {{WAreadmepage|en}}/v{{{ver}}} Beta Update
alphaLinkName Link to the Alpha update subpage {{WAreadmepage|en}}/v{{{ver}}} Alpha Update
releaseLinkName Link to the stable update subpage {{WAreadmepage|en}}/v{{{ver}}} Update

The {{{ver}}} token will be expanded with the version number for each W:A update. They are used differently among string IDs, so please pay attention.

For v35LinkName, {{{ver}}} will be expanded with either '1' or '2' (without quotes). This is for v3.5 Beta 1 and Beta 2, respectively. So,

{{WAreadmepage|en}}/v3.5 Beta {{{ver}}} Update


Worms Armageddon ReadMe (English)/v3.5 Beta 1 Update
Worms Armageddon ReadMe (English)/v3.5 Beta 2 Update

For betaLinkName, alphaLinkName, and releaseLinkName, {{{ver}}} will be expanded with the version number, but without the 'v' letter that we often write in something like 'v3.7.0.0'. So,

{{WAreadmepage|en}}/v{{{ver}}} Beta Update
{{WAreadmepage|en}}/v{{{ver}}} Alpha Update
{{WAreadmepage|en}}/v{{{ver}}} Update

will become

Worms Armageddon ReadMe (English)/v3.6.19.7 Beta Update
Worms Armageddon ReadMe (English)/v3.6.31.0 Beta Update
Worms Armageddon ReadMe (English)/v3.6.31.2b Alpha Update
Worms Armageddon ReadMe (English)/v3.7.0.0 Update

Because {{{ver}}} is never expanded with the letter 'v', the above example adds the 'v' before the {{{ver}}} token.

Content of Template:WA VersionHistory/en

|title=W:A Version History
|v35LinkName={{WAreadmepage|en}}/v3.5 Beta {{{ver}}} Update
|betaLinkName={{WAreadmepage|en}}/v{{{ver}}} Beta Update
|alphaLinkName={{WAreadmepage|en}}/v{{{ver}}} Alpha Update
|releaseLinkName={{WAreadmepage|en}}/v{{{ver}}} Update

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