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(new template for a weapons panel for scheme articles. testing conditional template parameters)
m (if infinite, weapon icon will show but written quantity won't)
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|- style="vertical-align: top; color:white; font-size:80%"
|- style="vertical-align: top; color:white; font-size:80%"
| F1
| F1
| {{#if: {{{BazookaQuantity|}}} | [[Image:IconBazooka.svg|30px|link=Bazooka]] <br>{{#if: {{{BazookaQuantity|}}} | x{{{BazookaQuantity|}}} | }} {{#if: {{{BazookaPower|}}} | ⋆{{{BazookaPower|}}} | }} | }}
| {{#if: {{{BazookaQuantity|}}} | [[Image:IconBazooka.svg|30px|link=Bazooka]] <br>{{#ifeq: {{{BazookaQuantity|}}} | Inf | x{{{BazookaQuantity|}}} | }} {{#if: {{{BazookaPower|}}} | ⋆{{{BazookaPower|}}} | }} | }}
| [[Image:Homissileicon.png|30px|link=Homing Missile]]
| [[Image:Homissileicon.png|30px|link=Homing Missile]]
| [[Image:Mortaricon.png|30px|link=Mortar]]
| [[Image:Mortaricon.png|30px|link=Mortar]]

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This template is still being built and should not be used

Weapons in this scheme
Util. Jetpackicon.png IconLowGravity.svg Fastwalkicon.png Lasersighticon.png Invisibleicon.png
F1 Homissileicon.png Mortaricon.png Pigeonicon.png Sheeplaunchicon.png
F2 IconGrenade.svg Clusterbombicon.png Bananaicon.png Battleaxeicon.png Quakeicon.png
F3 Shotgunicon.png Handgunicon.png Uziicon.png Minigunicon.png Longbowicon.png
F4 Firepunchicon.png Dragonballicon.png Kamikazeicon.png Suicidebombicon.png Prodicon.png
F5 Dynamiteicon.png Mineicon.png Sheepicon.png Supersheepicon.png Molebombicon.png
F6 Airstrikeicon.png Napalmstrikeicon.png Mailstrikeicon.png Minestrikeicon.png Molesquadronicon.png
F7 Blowtorchicon.png Drillicon.png Girdericon.png Baseballbaticon.png Girderpackicon.png
F8 Ninjaropeicon.png Bungeeicon.png Parachuteicon.png Teleporticon.png IconScalesOfJustice.svg
F9 Superbananaicon.png Holygrenadeicon.png Flamethrowericon.png Sallyarmyicon.png Mbbombicon.png
F10 Petrolbombicon.png Skunkicon.png Mingvaseicon.png Sheepstrikeicon.png Carpetbombicon.png
F11 Madcowicon.png Oldwomanicon.png Donkeyicon.png Indiannukeicon.png Armageddonicon.png
F12 Skipgoicon.png Surrendericon.png Selectwormicon.png Freezeicon.png Magicbulleticon.png
Weapons are unlimited in number,
and have a power setting of 3,
unless otherwise noted
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