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<div id="contentSub3">(Up to {{{1}}})</div><!--
</noinclude><div id="contentSub3">(Up to {{{1}}})</div><!--
--><includeonly>{{#if: {{{nocat|}}} | | {{{category|{{#switch: {{{1|}}}
--><includeonly>{{#if: {{{nocat|}}} | | {{{category|{{#switch: {{{1|}}}

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(Up to {{{1}}})


{{ParentArticle|[[a target article]]}}


Note that this template add pages to categories if the parameter is one of the following:

Parameter Category to which the pages will be added
[[People]] Category:People
[[Software]] Category:Software

To exclude a page from being categorized, add category= or nocat=1.

{{ParentArticle|[[a target article]]|nocat=1}}

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