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Contrary to popular belief, the Teleport does have retreat time during normal gameplay - but only for a fiftieth of a second (a single frame). This is enough time to turn around, and/or initiate a jump. This also affects "teleporting in" when manual placement is on.

This can be useful for teleporting near a mine to trigger it, and then jumping away, or collecting a crate and then jumping to collect another crate.

A demonstration of teleport jumps.
  W:A replay
A demonstration of teleport jumps.
Length: 00:00:40
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You can perform the following types of jumps:

  • forward jump - hold or tap Return
  • vertical jump - hold or tap Backspace
  • backjump - hold or tap Return+Backspace
  • Right-facing backjump - hold or tap Return+Backspace+Right Arrow*

To perform a teleport jump, you must make sure the worm does not fall after teleport. Click on the land itself and the teleport will redirect to directly on the surface, then press a jump key (e.g. Return, see above) during the 0.02 second retreat time to initiate the jump. Holding a jump key (or keys) throughout will also ensure a teleport jump, *but only when you place your worm at the start of the round (with manual placement on). You can also make your worm turn around right after the teleport; to do this, hold down the left/right arrow key while teleporting/placing your worm; holding it down works with manual placement as well. You can combine this with jumps to specify the direction of the jump.

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