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This very simple manouvre allows you to prod an enemy worm without having to stand right next to, or even in the vicinity of that worm. Simply select the Telekinetic Prod, choose the prodding direction with the arrow keys, click the unsuspecting enemy and watch him tumble down the cliff.

As a possible addition, using this weapon deducts health from the worm performing the telekinetic prod. The health loss would be proportional to the distance from the target, so the range would be limited by the health of the attacker.

Programming this one would be a piece of cake, surely.

Clearly, this weapon is absurdly easy to use, and in the right situation would make for a very easy kill. What's more, there appears to be no real strategy involved in retreating after the attack, or any navigating the terrain of any sort. This weapon is best suited to the super weapons category, although the additional aspect can make this weapon less useful, since it comes with a particularly nasty drawback: loss of health.

Still, health loss can be irrelevant at the final few seconds of a game when the water is rising and prodding opportunities become ubuquitious - yet this is balanced by the range of the weapon being limited to the inevitably small amount of health a worm has after a long and vicious battle. Perhaps this weapon, assuming the possible addition is used, has strategic potentials afterall.

The prod is reknowned for its humility factor, but this simple variation does little in the way of humility as the enemy can easily claim to inability to do anything about his/her eventual demise. On the other hand, the combination of superior psychic powers with the seemingly harmless prod creates a subtle irony in the theme behind the weapon - and crazy weapons do a good job at fitting in with the Worms environment.

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