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I must say, for those who don't already know it, that I really don't think I'd enjoy the concept of real time worming, it sounds like real time chess to me.

Yet I have to admit the idea has potential, and after reading this page I think you've sorted out most of the problems, thought I disagree with a few things and I'd like to put forward some thoughts about how to make it more similar to worms itself, probably getting turn-based fans a bit less disgusted by it.

  • 1-All the worms in the battle field, no replacements.
  • 2-You can switch between them freely if the "worm switch" option is enabled, otherwise the use of the "select worm utility" would be needed to change the worm you are using.
  • 3-Limit the time a worm can be playing, just like the turn time. After that worm's turn ends you automatically lose control of it and gain control over the next worm, following the rotation of your team.

Remember that many times, what determines how far you can get with one worm is how much time you have to move with it. This simple limitation adds a lot of strategy when selecting your worm and whom you are going to attack with it, you don't want your turn to end and you are standing right next to the water. Also the biggest difference between normal schemes is, most times, the turn time.

  • 4-Besides of putting a delay on each weapon, also limit the number of weapons you can use during your turn.

Worms, nowadays, do that: one weapon per turn. Real time worms could have the same limitation for more classic games, while increasing that limit for faster schemes and completely removing the "weapons per turn" limit, keeping only the delay between weapons limit for complete real-time. The only difference would be that using the weapon wouldn't end your turn, you could still use utilities (or maybe not) and move.

Considering those things you can easily think of a real time elite, intermediate, pro, hysteria or any kind of normal game (after all, THAT is worms, races and schemes with special rules are, imho, different games created using worms engine), by keeping nearly intact the things that define them:

  • Don't try to reach an enemy if you don't think you will make it before your turn ends.
  • Find a good hide for your worm before your turn ends.
  • Think which of your worms is next, and which of the enemy's worms plays next too. Based on that knowledge you know which worm you should move next if you have the chance, where to hide, you can still make piles and force the enemy to use his worm-selects utility. In other words: make use of the worms order, key feature of worms nowadays.

So, it could still be turn based if you wanted to, the only thing that would change is that all the players would play their turn at same time. And if you wanted to completely remove the turns feature you could increase the number of weapons you can use per turn to infinite (working only with weapon delay) and set the turn time to infinite.

Having those limitations in mind you no longer need to think of all-limited weapon supplies. More powerful ones limited, basic ones unlimited. You can also keep the Sudden Death feature with health loss, water rise, and/or round end.—Preceding unsigned comment added by LNNNxDario (talkcontribs) 11:50, 4 December 2008 (UTC)

Nice thoughts, these ought to be incorporated into the article. The article needs re-writing really; a debate format would be far more suitable for a wiki than the (at some times scathing) monologue that it is at the moment. Run! 09:10, 7 December 2008 (UTC)

Players against?

"Real Time is a hotly debated subject in Worms, with many players being against the idea for a variety of reasons."

How has it been confirmed? Almost all of the random players (98%) with which I play games from time to time are literally dreaming and praying for it. A few of them even gave me the huge, book-sized texts explaining almost every aspect and why they want it so much. --StepS 17:51, 23 September 2012 (CEST)

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