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I've decided against categories for the knowledge base. Categories are required only when the articles aren't hierarchically linked - however, this isn't the case here since information is strictly categorized on the respective pages (e.g. WKB -> W:A -> Game logic/internal stuff -> File formats -> .BIT). So categories would simply add the overhead and nuisance to maintain all articles from a respective category in the category itself. Also the category pages don't make any sense since the categorizing pages already ARE a list of articles in the "category".

User:Run! (contributions) tried to add a set of categories that perform a different type of categorization. For example, Graphics directory (the file format) and the programs WA directory editor and WormsBackup are both in Category:Directories; although these articles do have something in common, it is very unlikely for someone to actually use this category navigation system to navigate around the wiki - and so, such a loosely defined category system doesn't add much structure to the wiki.

Instead, how about using a template to specify the parent article? Check out Sandbox for an example.

Vladimir 11:46, 23 July 2006 (MST)

I think that's a great idea, CyberShadow. It's pristine! Marvelous! Lex 12:53, 23 July 2006 (MST)


Why did you delete the worms fan game 0pages?

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