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Back to 2010 on November 21th Impossible and AsbestMisha made a small clan called sX, it didnt had any official mining so it was unofficially called Sweet Xtreme, and had to get another name in time, but actually it stay as Sweet Xtreme till death. The first player who joined was PyroMan in 2 weeks, he joined sX by Impossible's invite. One month later AsbestMisha asked Zaeba4 join and he accepted. To that time sX site was finished.

At January 2011 to sX joined SpeZi, he was pretty active on game/site, and upload many tricks to the clan page. Later unofficially to sX get Neodyme, Asbest invite him without Impossible's vote. Neodyme later was kicked, but still used sX clan-tag.

Many other players joined that winter. Over, who was offline almost whole sX life. Flack, who was inactive as well as Over. Later Sir-J joined clan, it was start of April. Next month Impossible used to practise alot with BaZa, and in around month of practising he joined sX. On that time also joined FreeMan.

Asbest had alot of complaints with Impossible, and on end of May he got kicked from sX. In 2 days after Masta joined sX. Summer started. later started WO 2011, and sX get part of it by their 5th place. In middle of WO to sX joined Pastorcito.

A bit later NoCry. sX get a quite intresting squade. After end of WO to clan joined Capo, who later get pretty inactive. Then from clan leave many players, SpeZi, NoCry, Pastorcito, freeman and zaeba4 got inactive, in a days Sir-J quit too. And joined StepS. It was step to clan diyng. And clan was pretty inactive. But on start of winter Impossible invite Rogi. And clan get kinda active by playing funners inside clan (defenetly it was 2v2 with Impossible, Masta, PyroMan, and Rogi).

Later Cinek joined to sX, and clan get active on clanners as in 1st days. But on 18th February clan closed (unofficial reason: too much clan-quittings) sX Clan 2010 november 21th - 2012 february 18th

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