Super Sheep (Aqua Sheep)

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The Super Sheep is similar to a regular Sheep, but with the additional benefit of being able to fly, which is quite handy.

Upon release, the Super Sheep acts like a standard sheep, but it does not explode when the spacebar is pressed. Instead, it flies into the air, and it's flight path can be controlled by the user. When it begins to fly, it launches directly upwards, and pressing the left and right arrow keys will turn it anti-clockwise and clockwise respectively. It will continue to fly until it crashes into the landscape, whereby it will explode. Alternatively, if the user presses the spacebar a second time, it will stop flying and fall to the ground, where it will explode on contact. Finally, it may explode if it's been flying for too long.

The Super Sheep can be upgraded to the Aqua Sheep using an unlockable cheat in Worms Armageddon, or a Wormpot mode in Worms World Party. The Aqua Sheep has the benefit of being able to fly underwater, a property shared with the Homing Missile and Patsy's Magic Bullet. The original version of the Super Sheep first seen in Worms: The Directors Cut could fly underwater as standard.

Basic Facts

Weapon select code F5 x 4
Type Controllable flying explosive animal
Damage at normal setting (3 stars) 75hp max


  • The Super Sheep is a weapon that is easy to use yet hard to master. An experienced Super Sheep flyer can manouvre it through very tight gaps, allowing him to deal large damage to worms hiding on the other side of a map.
  • The Aqua Sheep is very useful during Sudden Death when the water rises, especially when the water is near the top of a cavern, as it can swim through the water and sink the other player.
  • The Super Sheep can fly outside of the screen on a cavern map and over the top border, allowing the user to hit a worm on the other side which would otherwise be out of reach.
  • The Super Sheep's flight is not affected by Low Gravity, so a user will always know how it will react in a given situation.

Criticisms, Problems and Weaknesses

  • Alhough easy to use, the Super Sheep can be very difficult to master, and it can be quite difficult to succesfuly navigate it through a tight area. However, this can be made less difficult through large amounts of practice.
  • The Super Sheep's turning circle is not too big, but it's large enough to cause a problem in some areas to make navigating through it impossible. Problems of this nature usually arise when it is first activated into flight mode, as it travels upwards and may need to be instantly turned to face another direction.
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