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Streaming requires a moderate or powerful computer (i7 does it just fine).
Exampe of a streamed tournament:

Prerequisite: having W:A in a window

  • Install Worms Armageddon with the latest update.
  • Run W:A, go into Settings and set the in-game resolution to 1280x720 (recommended for streaming, but you can pick your own).
  • Go into Advanced Settings.
    • Tick "Load WormKit modules".
    • In the "Graphics" drop-down select Direct3D 9 (shader palette).
  • Exit W:A.
  • Download and extract the archive with the D3D9Wnd module (by Kawoosh and StepS).
  • Start W:A again. Now you are in a windowed mode.

Streaming website

Stream recorder

One of the following broadcasting software is required for streaming.


  • Download and install XSplit
  • Start XSplit
  • Add your channel
  • Go to View -> Resolutions -> Edit resolutions and tick 1280x720 (the one you chose in the W:A settings)
  • View -> Resolution – choose 1280x720
  • Now, set up your scene. Click “Add screen region” and click on your W:A window
  • Stretch it in the XSplit window
  • Start your broadcast

Open Broadcaster

  • Download and install OpenBroadcaster
  • Start OpenBroadcaster
  • Go to Settings -> Broadcast settings
    • Select
    • Select a server (nearest to you is recommended)
    • Insert your stream key
  • Go to Settings -> Video, select 1280x720 (the one you chose in the W:A settings)
  • Now, set up your scene. Add a W:A source by right-clicking at the "Sources" area or use "Global sources" button
  • Use either Window Capture or Game Capture (if it works). To stretch, use "Edit scene" button
  • Start your broadcast

Stream vocal commenting


  • If you need an easy way to comment games with your friends just use Mumble
  • Install client
  • Add server:
  Label: Worms
  Port: 64738
  Username: (your nickname)
  Password: (no password)
  • Turn your speakers off. Use headphones. Otherwise you will have annoying echo that can ruin your stream
  • Ask everyone who participates in the show to do the same
  • Check your hardware for background nosies
  • Make sure there will be no noise in your room (talking, tv or any other sounds except your voice)
  • Configure "Push-to-talk":
  Configure->Settings->Audio Input->Choose “Push-to-talk” from drop-down menu.
  Shortcuts->Add->Choose “push-to-talk”->Click under Shortcut tab->Push “Right Ctrl” 
  (or any other key of your choice)
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