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Filename Transcription Notes
Amazing Yuh-oh! Not sure of this.
Boring Boring.
Brilliant Brilliant!
Bummer Pants! British (specifically Northern) expression for "bad".
Bungee Aiiiee! Doesn't fade out.
ByeBye So long. With a lisp on the "s"
Collect *click* Goodies.
ComeOnThen Hurry up.
Coward Chicken!
DragonPunch Take that.
Drop Reinforcements have arrived.
Excellent Brilliant.
Fatality Got one!
Fire Die!
FireBall Attack.
FirstBlood One 'a many. 'a = of
Flawless Flawless victory.
GoAway Go away.
Grenade Grenade!
Hello Hello...
Hurry Hurry.
IllGetYou I'll getcha. getcha = get you
Incoming Burnin' the toast!
Jump1 whoop
Jump2 uh huh
JustYouWait Just you wait.
Kamikaze Kamikaze.
Laugh a huhuhu huh
LeaveMeAlone Leave me alone.
Missed Missed. Pronounces the "i" as "ee" and the "ss" kind of like "zz".
Nooo Nooo. Doesn't fade out.
OhDear Oh dear.
OiNutter Oi, nutter.
Ooff1 eegh
Ooff2 ai
Ooff3 ugh
Ow1 oh
Ow2 oh
Ow3 a huhuhu huh Identical to Laugh but 2.177 ms longer.
Oops Whoops. With a lisp on the "s"
Orders Scramble, scramble! With a lisp on the "s"s
Ouch Ouch!
Perfect Perfect.
Revenge Revenge!
RunAway Oh no!
Stupid What ya doin'?
TakeCover What thar...
Traitor Traitor!
Uh-oh Uh oh.
Victory Heh hey!
WatchThis Watch this!
WhatThe What thar... Identical to TakeCover but pitched up / sped up 1.0500×.
YesSir Yessir. The wacky way in which this is pronounced makes it sound almost like "No sir!", or at least "Yo sir!"
YoullRegretThat You'll regret that.
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