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Click to watch (W:A + Beta Update required) W:A replay: Demonstration
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The slow-motion exploit was a glitch that allowed players to play entirely in slow-motion. This was thanks to a bug introduced in [W:A], that sometimes changed replays completely, especially if ropes or mines had been used. It was fixed in

How to do it

When you are watching an instant replay, it is possible to change its speed to anything between 1/8× and 32×. This speed will not change back to normal as long as W:A thinks it's still replaying. To keep your preferred speed, you need the instant replay to end before its countdown timer runs out.

One way to do this is to kill a worm in a certain way, so in the replay it will die sooner than it actually did:

  • Teleport your worm somewhere it will have easy access to the water by rope.
  • Use your rope to get close to the water.
  • Swing back and forth, extend your rope as much as possible between the swings (long enough to drown your worm without pulling back).
  • After a few swings, just kill your worm, preferably by skimming, because that takes relatively much time, making it easier to outrun the instant replay's timer.
  • Press R for the instant replay.

Now sit back and watch. If everything went according to plan, your worm should die before you killed it. While it's drowning and its health is deducted from the team's, press the shortcut for the speed you want (2-9 to speed it up, Shift + 2-9 to slow it down). Don't press S for frame by frame mode as it will freeze your game at the start of the next turn.



  • It only works offline.
  • When used excessively, it might have a bad impact on your roping skills.
  • Some .WAgame files will not play correctly, even when emulated by more recent versions. There are a few things you can do to avoid having incorrect replay files: if you fall without losing your turn, skip; never use the Parachute in slow-motion.
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