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| name = SchemeEd
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| screenshot = SchemeED.png
| developer = James Heather
| developer = James Heather

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SchemeEd screenshot
Developer: James Heather
Latest version: v1.1 / 24 March, 1999
Supported games: W:A
Download: ShemeED.zip (129 kb)

SchemeED (also known as W:A Scheme Editor) is one of the first external scheme editors for Worms Armageddon. It is compatible only with Version 1 W:A schemes, and so effectively became obsolete when Version 2 schemes were introduced.

Setting a scheme with this program is rather simple, everything can be set using input text boxes, chosen from drop-down menus or toggled with checkboxes.

Some of the settings were rather limited, such as the mine fuse couldnt be set beyond 3 seconds, water rise rate beyond 7 turns, weapon delays beyond 9, etc.

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