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(Up to People)

Matt Kelly, also known as MattMrHat, is emo but don't tell him that or he'll get all angry and phone an Austrian because IRL friends don't care. While he pretends to hate all things related to emo he doesn't seem to realise that dressing in black and posting in your black themed blog which you have called Nothing is in fact emo.

Matt's favourite pasttimes include some of the following

  • flexing his muscle in front of the mirror
  • writing emo blogs
  • listening to heavy metal for faggots (Nine Inch Nails, Fall Out Boy)
  • trying to be funny and failing hard
  • "I google myself on a normal basis"

Since Matt has taken up googling himself on a daily basis CheechLizard stealth-google-bombed his domain and name with hilarious youtube video tags. This was all win.

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